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IKEA BUSINESS membership

How do I become an IKEA BUSINESS customer?

If you run your own business or company, you can become an IKEA BUSINESS customer (proof required). You can apply at an IKEA store or on our website.

What is my credit limit?

The credit limit is ascertained after carrying out the credit check. The credit limit is set as a whole for each company account and applies to all IKEA BUSINESS cards combined.

How do I change my address?

Please write to

CIAR c/o Skandia AG
Grüssenweg 15
4133 Pratteln


Is the IKEA BUSINESS card transferable?

Each IKEA BUSINESS card is made out to one cardholder, is personal and is therefore not transferable. The card may only be used by the cardholder.

Can I get additional IKEA BUSINESS cards for my co-workers?

Yes. You can obtain up to 99 additional IKEA BUSINESS cards for your co-workers.

I haven't received my IKEA BUSNIESS card, or it has been lost. How do I obtain a new card?

If the IKEA BUSINESS card is lost or stolen, please report this immediately by: E-Mail.