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IKEA Gift Card | Questions

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My IKEA gift card is damaged. What should I do?

  • As long as the gift card number on your IKEA gift card is legible, we can still accept it at our tills at the IKEA store.
  • In the online shop, simply enter the gift card number and the PIN when making payment. If the number or PIN is not legible, unfortunately it is no longer possible to ascertain and redeem the balance.

I have lost my IKEA gift card or it has been stolen. Can the card be blocked or replaced?

If you have lost your IKEA gift card or somebody else has used it without your permission, unfortunately we cannot block or replace the card. We have to treat IKEA gift cards in the same way as cash.

For how long is my IKEA gift card valid?

Your IKEA gift card is valid for 10 years from the time it is activated. The remaining term and remaining balance are shown on the till receipt after you have shopped. Alternatively, you can simply request this information next time you visit the till at the IKEA store.

What values can I load onto my IKEA gift card?

The card can be loaded at an IKEA store with any amount from CHF 10.00 to a maximum of CHF 9,999.00. Gift cards that were sold at post offices can be loaded with amounts of between CHF 20.00 and a maximum of CHF 500.00. Bear in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for gift cards bought at post office counters to be activated. The balance on your gift card must be CHF 0.00 before you can reload it.

Where can I use the IKEA gift card? Can I also use the card abroad?

The IKEA gift card is valid in all IKEA stores and in our online shop. The gift card is valid in many IKEA stores around the world. The exceptions are our IKEA stores on Mallorca (ES), Gran Canaria (ES), Lanzarote (ES) and Tenerife (ES) and all IKEA stores in Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

How do I redeem an IKEA gift card?

  • The IKEA gift card has no expiry date, is transferable and can be reloaded. It can be redeemed at all IKEA stores around the world and in the IKEA online shop.
  • The balance cannot be paid out in cash or used to pay credit card bills.
  • The IKEA gift card cannot be redeemed in IKEA restaurants, Swedish Food Markets and bistros, or in any IKEA franchise.
  • IMPORTANT: To pay using an IKEA gift card in the online shop or at an IKEA store, you will need a PIN code. This code is concealed on the reverse of your IKEA gift card. If you have an IKEA gift card that does not have a PIN code, please contact our IKEA Customer Service. Please bear in mind that the number of IKEA gift cards that can be used to pay is limited to 4 per online order.

How long dies it take to load an IKEA gift card?

If you bought your IKEA gift card at Postshop, it may take up to 48 hours for your card to be loaded. If you buy an IKEA gift card in an IKEA store, the card is loaded instantly in-store.

Where can I buy an IKEA gift card?

IKEA gift cards can be purchased at the checkout, at the customer service desk at your IKEA store or online from the IKEA Gift Card shop. They are also available from more than 1,800 post offices and 100 petrol stations (BP & Shell) throughout Switzerland, as well as online at