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Click & Collect | Questions

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Pick-up point

Which articles and services are available at the external pick-up points?

  • External pick-up points are run by a service partner and are exclusively pick-up locations. It is not possible to purchase items or services directly at the pick-up points. For the same reasons, returns cannot be accepted.
  • In case you may need one of the previous, please contact IKEA Customer Support Centre or visit an IKEA store or the IKEA online shop, depending on your convenience.

What happens if I cannot collect my goods on the day I chose when purchasing?

  • If you are not able to show up at the pick-up point on the chosen date, please contact our Customer Support Centre.
  • From the 11th day of storage you will be asked an administrative fee of 5 CHF per day.

To whom should I address a complaint if I get wrong, damaged or missing goods?

  • Correspondence between ordered and received goods has to be checked during the handover process. Packaging status has to be verified as well.
  • If detecting any deviations at an external pick-up point, please contact our Customer Support Centre. Our pick-up points are run by external partners, therefore it is not possible to return or exchange goods there.
  • In the unlikely event you may detect a deviation once at home, please get in touch with our Customer Support Centre or visit one of our stores depending on your convenience.

How much does the collection at a pick-up point cost?

For pick up costs, please have a look at the dedicated web page.

How does the loading process work at the pick-up point?

The co-workers from our external partner will hand the goods over to you on a trolley / pallet. Loading has to be carried out by you: please make sure your vehicle is big enough to carry your purchase. Pallets have to be left in the pick-up points and cannot be taken.

Can any other person collect my order?

Yes, of course. We only need the order confirmation / number to handover the goods.

Which documents do I need to pick my order up?

In order to be able to pick your order up you need to bring the order confirmation displaying the order number you received by SMS / e-mail. You don’t need to print the confirmation but just be able to show it.

How long does it take until my good are at the pick up point?

It takes around 10 days for your order to be ready for pick up. You can select your preferred pick up day during the ordering process.

Click & Collect

What items can I purchase online and pick up in the store?

Almost every product available in the store could be ordered via the Click & Collect service. You can choose within a big range of items. Once you add your articles to the shopping list and select the IKEA store for the “Click & Collect” service, the system will verify the availability and inform you accordingly.

In case of offers (e.g. sales, IKEA Family discounts) which price is relevant for the calculation of the Click & Collect fee?

The amount used as base for fee calculation is the original price.

Can I use my IKEA Family card to receive special discounts when using the Click & Collect in store service?

Yes, if an IKEA Family offer is available, customers will receive the Family price by entering their IKEA Family card number.

How will I be notified about my Click & Collect order?

You will be notified by e-mail about the steps of your Click & Collect order. Please pick it up during the chosen day and time window.

What if I decide that I want my order delivered instead of picking it up at the IKEA store?

Home delivery cannot be set up online once a Click & Collect order has been processed. Home delivery can be set up in the IKEA store when customers come to pick up their order.

What if I want to add or delete something from a Click & Collect in store order?

Once an order has been paid online, changes cannot be made. A new order should be placed for additional items. Unwanted items can be returned in the store at the time of collection as per our return policy.

What if I cannot take home by myself the items I purchased?

Please always verify that your vehicle is big enough to carry all your purchases before approaching the store to collect your order. However, we can support you with our Rental Van or Delivery services (subject to a fee) if you realized that your dreams were bigger than your car!

What if I can't make it during the pick up time window? Can I change it?

If you wish to change your pick up day and time to a different day, please call our Customer Support Centre as soon as possible. Please notice that we can guarantee up to three days additional storage, afterwards your Click & Collect order will be cancelled and refunded, deducting the picking fees.

How do I know where to pick up my order?

The order confirmation you will receive by e-mail will provide directions to the IKEA store, information on where to park and which entrance to go in to the IKEA store to collect your order. Click & Collect orders will be collected at the Merchandise Pick up area.

What if somebody else is going to pick up my order for me?

If you wish to designate another person to pick up your order, please forward them a copy of your proof of purchase and include a written consent in the e-mail, including the full name of the designated person. They will also need a valid photo ID.

Do I need a proof of purchase to pick up my order?

When you come to pick up your order using the Click & Collect in store service, you will need a valid photo ID, as well as your proof of purchase or your order number.

What kind of payment methods are accepted for Click & Collect in store?

We offer several payment methods for our online checkout. You can pay for your purchase in: VISA, MasterCard credit cards and PostFinance card.

What are the hours of operation for the Click & Collect in store service?

You can shop online from the comfort of your home on 24/7. To collect your order in-store, the time window for the pick-up of your Click & Collect order will be offered during your IKEA store’s opening hours.

Why is IKEA charging a fee?

While going to a IKEA store to purchase your items is always the most cost effective way to shop with IKEA, the Click & Collect service provides another convenient option for customers. The fee covers the picking service for the order.

Why is IKEA offering Click & Collect in store service?

Click & Collect is tailored to meet the needs of customers who wish to save time and have the convenience of easily picking up their purchases without having to walk the IKEA store.

What is the Click & Collect in store service?

Under Click & Collect you will find everything you need to know.