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The company IKEA | Questions

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What is IKEA's approach to society and the environment?

It matters greatly to us that we take responsibility for society and the environment. Here at IKEA, we do our utmost to have a positive impact on people and our planet. That's why we are fully committed to the things that really matter. For more on our projects and activities, see our Sustainability section.

Can IKEA support my project financially or by donating goods?

Rather than supporting individual projects with donations, we mainly support long-term aid programmes in cooperation with international organisations. For more information, see IKEA aid projects.
We are not able to provide publicity or other materials or selected IKEA products for events such as raffles.

Can I use the IKEA logo or an IKEA slogan for my own purposes?

The IKEA logo is a protected trademark. Our slogans are also unmistakably associated with the IKEA brand. Therefore, the logo and slogans may not be used outside IKEA.

How do I make a product suggestion?

Our range is developed by IKEA of Sweden. IKEA of Sweden has a large network of designers who are very familiar with the IKEA design ethos. Therefore, we do not currently accept new product suggestions.

Can I distribute IKEA products?

IKEA products are sold exclusively in our IKEA stores and our online shops.

How will I be notified about my Click & Collect order?

When the online order is paid and processed in the store, an e-mail notification will be sent confirming that your order has been received. A second e-mail notification will be sent when the order is ready for collection on the chosen day.