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A customisable curtain system
There’s no need to cut corners anymore. The VIDGA curtain hanging system makes it easy to hang curtains over windows, on walls, around corners, and even as room dividers around a bed. Simply twist and click pieces to connect track rails together and mount fittings. VIDGA gives you endless possibilities to help create your dream window solution.
Below is a step-by-step guide on how to plan, choose, install and customise your VIDGA curtain rails.
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How to get the perfect fit
Start by measuring your window. Once you have the dimensions, you can plan your curtain solution.
Measure the width of your window. (A)
This determines the width of your curtain rod or track rail.
Add at least 15 cm on each side of measurement (A).
This allows the curtains to cover the window properly.
Measure the height of your window. (B)
This determines the length of your curtains or panel curtains.
Measure from the top of the window frame to where you want your curtains to hang.
Consider the material of your curtains, as they might shrink in length when washed.
Add 15 cm to measurement (B). Then mount the VIDGA rod or rail 15 cm above the window frame.
In order to get the perfect fit for your curtains, IKEA suggests to measure the width and height of your window prior to purchasing.
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Make your dream window solution come true
1. Choose how to mount your curtain rails.
IKEA VIDGA white short wall brackets are 6cm in length and made of sturdy aluminium and epoxy for a tight hold against the wall.
Short wall brackets are close to the wall and help block light. Use with single tracks.
IKEA VIDGA white long wall fittings are 12cm long and help hold a track rail system in place.IKEA VIDGA white long wall fittings are 12cm long and help hold a track rail system in place.
Got a windowsill or ledge? Long wall brackets keep curtains from covering plants. Use these to hang two curtains on two separate tracks next to one other.
Mounting an IKEA VIDGA white ceiling fitting is easy: it only requires one screw. The curtain rail has no visible screws in sight for a seamless and clean appearance.Mounting an IKEA VIDGA white ceiling fitting is easy: it only requires one screw. The curtain rail has no visible screws in sight for a seamless and clean appearance.
Reach for the sky! Hang ceiling brackets above a window to create the feeling of a high ceiling. Or use them to make a seamless room divider.
2. Pick your track system.
Customise your curtain solution with IKEA VIDGA white aluminium single track rails. The rail can be mounted to the wall or ceiling depending on your personal style.
Single track rails hold one pair of curtains. Sheer curtains invite light, while thicker ones darken your room and dampen sound.
Pair panel curtains or any set of curtains with IKEA VIDGA triple track rails. Mix a blend of fabrics to create a customised curtain solution that works for your home.
Layer your panel curtains with triple track rails. It’s a perfect dimming solution: close the curtains halfway, a third of the way...any way!
IKEA VIDGA white corner end pieces are arched to navigate curtains across tricky spaces and wall corners to create a seamless pathway for your track rails.
These end pieces navigate around tricky corners. Create a cosy canopy, or place them close to a window to block all light for a good night’s sleep.
3. Hang it your way.
IKEA VIDGA white glider arched hooks are angled to latch onto curtain fabrics and makes it easy to move and arrange your curtains.
Glider hooks slide into the heading tape and track rails for a perfect fit.
IKEA VIDGA white panel curtain holder helps hang panels in place. Panels up to 60cm wide can be secured into the plastic slit.
Secure panel curtains with a panel holder so they hang smooth and straight.
IKEA VIDGA white curtain rod holders keep a pair of curtains steady and provide endless opportunities to mix different types of curtains together.
Use curtain rod holders to create layer upon layer. Combine panel curtains with curtains, curtains with eyelet curtains... the possibilities are endless!
4. Add-ons for a custom fit.
IKEA VIDGA white aluminium curtain draw rod creates a luxurious hotel feeling for your panel curtains. Easily move curtains back and forth while still keeping them clean.
Add a bit of luxury to your windows with a draw rod. They move curtains safely and seamlessly, all while keeping them stain-free.
IKEA mitre cutting box is a black square shaped handle that provides a sturdy surface when cutting single and triple track rails to the desired length.
Cut and customise the length of your track rails with a mitre cutting box. It provides a stable surface when cutting.
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Or just buy a kit
IKEA VIDGA white single track set is the fastest way to hang up a pair of curtains: mount the brackets, click parts together, and slide curtains in. You’re done!
Use the single track with a sheer curtain to let light in, or a thicker curtain for some privacy.
IKEA VIDGA single and triple track set lets you mix and match curtains and panel curtains together for a personalised and customised window treatment.
One layer creates a poetic filtering for daylight. Two layers stop sun glare, while a third layer can help reduce sound.
IKEA VIDGA triple track and curtain rod set can be used to create several layers of curtains for privacy, reducing noise, temperature, or blocking sunlight.
Layer different types of curtains to easily change your room from daylight to darkness — and everything in between.
IKEA VIDGA white single track closing set comes with corner connectors that can help keep the light out from the sides of windows.
Create a dark room for restful nights by using corner pieces around your windows to block out all light.
IKEA VIDGA white corner solution set contain corner pieces to help you navigate your curtain rail around inner and outer corners.
Navigate around any tricky space and corner with the corner set. These pieces work for both inner and outer corners.
IKEA VIDGA room divider set is a customised kit for rooms with corners. Corner end pieces are included to help create a canopy over your bed.
Create a cosy canopy around your bed or a room divider to get a sense of multiple rooms in a small space.
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You can find all the individual parts here.
IKEA VIDGA white single curtain tracks provide endless window treatment solutions for any room in your home.
Layers that suit your mood
Set the tone in any room depending on how you feel. A sheer layer filters the daylight and invites the world in, while thicker curtains on top give you some extra privacy, comfort and silence.
VIDGA cutting box, white

VIDGA cutting box

CHF 4.95
Width: 161 mm, Height: 38 mm
We paired IKEA VIDGA white single track rails and long wall brackets to mix sheer and blue semi-sheer curtains to customise the amount of light in the room.
A customised curtain solution
A layered curtain solution let you fine-tune light, sound, temperature and style in a personal way. Be as private or as open as you want by layering sheer and thicker curtains together.
IKEA VIDGA ceiling brackets and blackout blinds can help create a window solution for those who need complete darkness to sleep.
Taking the night shift
Need to catch up on some sleep? Change your bedroom from daylight to darkness with an inner layer of block-out blinds. A thick curtain on top brings soothing cozyness and dampens sounds around you.
VIDGA wall fitting, white

VIDGA wall fitting

CHF 4.95
Length: 6 cm, Max. load: 10 kg