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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

Bedroom Furniture

For our favourite room in the house (yours)

A good night’s sleep in a comfy bed. Bedroom furniture that gives you space to store your things (in a way that means you’ll find them again). With warm lighting to set the mood and soft textiles to snuggle up in. All at a price that lets you rest easy. It’s what sweet dreams are made of.

Sleep is healthy. More info.

Where do you want to start your day?
IKEA PLATSA wardrobe series provides plenty of storage opportunities. Use it as a wardrobe for clothes storage and much more. Units in different shapes help you build around the architecture in your home.
Cohabitation is made possible in this modern and hip shared one-room living space thanks to IKEA FLOTTEBO dark grey sofa bed and NORDMELA blue dresser storage units.
IKEA MALM high white bed frame has a clean design that’s beautiful on all sides – place the bed freestanding or with the headboard against a wall.
IKEA DELAKTIG is a customisable bedframe that is meant to be designed by you. This pink wall-to-wall bedroom proudly displays the sofa bed in the middle of the room with crisp white KUNGSBLOMMA bedsheets with red piping.
Decorate your bedroom with IKEA PAX wardrobe with new Flornes dark grey floral patterned doors. Set a relaxing tone with pastel pinks, subdued greys and powdered white hues.
Sleep is healthy
Sleep is healthy
In today’s world, we go to great lengths to stay healthy and in good shape, which also includes eating a balanced diet and exercising. But are we paying enough attention to how we sleep?
Everything you need to know about sleep
Ready to enjoy the ergonomic pillow effect?
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Find the perfect ergonomic pillow for your way of sleeping. Our new ergonomic pillows come in many shapes and sizes, adapted to side sleepers, back sleepers and every kind of sleeper.

Find your ergonomic pillow now
The storage chameleon
Get low, versatile storage with NORDMELA chest of four drawers from IKEA. In black-blue, it doubles as a bench and has a modern look. Shown in a bedroom, it can be used across the home, too.
Extend your storage with the black-blue NORDMELA chests of drawers that fit across the home — one even works as a storage bench to sit on.
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NORDMELA Chest of 4 drawers CHF 199.00 NORDMELA Chest of drawers with clothes rail CHF 249.00
This close up of blue-black NORDMELA chest of drawers from IKEA shows its clothes rail and some of its five drawers. With clean lines It’s great storage for a bedroom or across the home.
NORDMELA chest of drawers with a clothes rail give you the option to store your clothes hanging or folded.
NORDMELA Chest of drawers with clothes rail CHF 249.00

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