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Our lowest price

We believe great home furnishings should be affordable for many. So when we design a product, we create the price tag first. This means we pay special attention to the materials we choose and keep waste to a minimum. It’s that simple.

Dimly lit office with SVALLET lamp on. Tablet and tablet stand sitting on desk, memo board hanging above
White tiled bathroom with grey towels hanging from the wall, grey towels stacked on stool and STORAVAN bathroom in wall cut-out shelf
Light living room with an INGMARSÖ 2 seat sofa and a lot of storage.
Small and functional open concept kitchen and dining with small appliances and storage solutions.NISSAFORS trolley for extra flexible storage and SORTERA waste sorting bins are small details with a big impact.
Metal shelf with plenty of storage space for your  favorite items.


Bed with storage and TRÄDKRASSULA Duvet cover on top.
Birch NEIDEN bed in small bedroom setting. IVAR cabinet off to side with plants sitting on top.

Living room

Sofa bed, HAMMARN that fits perfectly wherever space is limited.
Green walls and storage unit in front with cosy sofa and coffee table in the middle.


VESKEN white shelf unit fits in the smallest areas, but there’s plenty of space on the shelves.
NÄRSEN highly absorbent bath towel white.

Kitchen and Dining room

ADDE durable and stackable chair black takes less space when you're not using them.
SUNNERSTA a functional mini-kitchen for the chef with limited space and budget.

Baby and Children

KRAMIG Soft toy, white/black is good at hugging and play.
SNIGLAR Cot, beech for your baby to sleep safely and comfortably.

Home office and Storage

LENNART Drawer unit white, easy to move where it is needed thanks to castors.
TRONES shallow shoe/storage cabinet, white. With extra space on top of the cabinet, that you can use for small things.