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Mental Health: What’s Sleep got to do with it?

    Have you ever wondered what the phrase “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” really refers to? Everyone blessed with great sleep might run into a bit of trouble finding the meaning behind it. However, people who often experience trouble sleeping know exactly what it means to wake up rather beat. But why is our mood so affected by our sleep behavior? And how can we use sleep as a tool to improve our mental health?

    To find out, I’ve visited Dr. Stefan Telser. He is the senior physician at the psychiatric facility St. Gallen Nord in Rorschach and an expert on the topic “Sleep in relation to Mental Health”. During our talk Dr. Telser explains why and how lack of sleep can lead to mental health issues (and vice versa) and talks about the warning signs our mind might send us in times like these.

    Dr. Telser also reveals three valuable tips on how to help yourself to a better sleep hygiene in order to better your mind. Watch the video to find out more.