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Chief of Sleep Blog

Hej and welcome!

My name is Sonja Berta and I am the Chief of Sleep here at IKEA Switzerland. On this blog, I am sharing with you my newest projects and findings around the topic of sleep.

Click on the project boxes below to learn more about the Dream Hotline, find expert interviews, relax to our strange and beautiful lullaby, be mesmerized by a never-ending ASMR-bedtime-story or listen to the adventures of "Gumpo und Schlomo", a dog and a snail who are best friends.

All projects have been developped thanks to a great team of creatives. Many thanks to Anne Sommer, Simona Crivelli, Maurice Ziegler, Katinka Oppeck, Christian Brütsch, Stefan Herrmann, Aurel Hosennen and the IKEA Communications Team as well as the Virtue Creatives Team.