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Build your career with IKEA

    When you build, you start with one piece...

    then, one piece becomes many – working together, building with purpose, building responsibly.  Whether it’s for you, your loved ones, or your community, you can build something right here with IKEA.

    Take a journey with us!

    Watch the videos below and learn how a career at IKEA is work with purpose and discover more about the career journeys of our real co-workers Daphne, Soly, and Ramiro. 

    For every opportunity, no matter how much I’m afraid of it, I have to say yes. Because so far, IKEA hasn’t disappointed me.

    Daphne EmmanuelShopkeeper (Workspaces) and IKEA for Business planning, IKEA Halifax 

        My coming out story is intertwined with my IKEA journey. IKEA helped me to become the true me.

        Soly Joyal (they/them)Recovery & Quality, IKEA Beauharnois DC/CDC

        Me and my family love IKEA, it’s our second home.

        Ramiro Pintor PenagosGoodsflow/Receiving, IKEA Calgary

          A group of IKEA co-workers working in the IKEA Swedish Restaurant

          We’re looking for people with a taste for working together

          We’re looking for IKEA Food co-workers for the Swedish Restaurant, Bistro/Café, Swedish Food Market, and co-worker restaurants ready to satisfy any customer's food cravings.

          Build your career with IKEA

          Build your dream job

          We’ll give you the tools. We do a little, you do a little. Together, we create a better everyday life for the many people.

          Our recruitment approach

          At IKEA, we have a recruitment process that helps us find the right people, and helps you find the right job. 

          Smiling IKEA co-worker inviting a colleague to join her for lunch in the canteen.

          The wonderful IKEA everyday

          At IKEA, every job is different and every day is different. However, no matter where you work, we can promise you one thing: a job with us is so much more than just a job.

          Find out what it’s like to work with us
          A mixed group of IKEA store co-workers walking through the self service area.

          Equality, diversity and inclusion all included

          You, me and an Allen key. Everyone is welcome at IKEA.

          See how your uniqueness makes us better