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New collections

JULY 2021
The July Collection
The July Collection will launch at all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast and beginning July 1st. This long-term collection of products celebrates the warmth of summer which we hope to prolong into the home throughout the Fall. The collection celebrates rich earth tones, rustic natural materials as well as modular shapes and chrome accents. With the July Collection, we’re continuing to spotlight beautiful home furnishings at an affordable price while also spotlighting products designed more consciously whether they’re made from sustainable material or supporting the livelihood of artisans.

JULY 2021
IKEA and Sonos Welcome the SYMFONISK Picture Frame WiFi Speaker
IKEA and Sonos are excited to announce the new SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker which combines high performance sound into a beautiful piece of art. Following the multifunction design of the SYMFONISK lamp speaker and the SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker, both introduced to the IKEA range in 2019, the new SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker serves as a piece of art that seamlessly blends into the home. The speaker will be available in black or white along with interchangeable fronts that offer a variety of artwork options.

The picture frame speaker will be available at $249 CAD and it will arrive in all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast and starting July 15th, 2021.

JUNE 2021
Affordable Home Dreams
This June, we’re sharing the Affordable Home Dreams inspiration page filled with unique ideas and solutions for your home, all valued under $50. We’re spotlighting ways to adapt the home office, inspire new plant parents and create smarter storage. To download high-res images, you can simply click on the image where you’ll find a download button at the bottom right corner. Please credit all images IKEA,

MAY 2021
Summer 2021
This summer we're going back to basics showcasing classic IKEA favourites with new vibrant accessories to help you make the most of the warmer months ahead. We’re also highlighting new products within our lighting collection which will add pleasant pops of blues, warm orange tones and natural hues. You’ll also find summer ideas we all love to enjoy including dining al-fresco, creating an oasis of greenery and ideas to enjoy being healthy outdoors.

MAY 2021
IKEA Art Event 2021
The sixth IKEA Art Event 2021 which is a limited collection that’s all about the magic that happens when the line between art and functional design blurs. This year, IKEA has selected five artists and designers to create inspiring art pieces that will capture your imagination. The artists are: Daniel Arsham, Gelchop, Humans since 1982, Sabine Marcelis and Stefan Marx. These visionaries have taken recognizable objects and added their unique artistic spin, shifting our view of what a simple clock or lamp, torch or throw, vase or picture can be. Each of these pieces has a vision of its own, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The collection is scheduled to arrive in all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast and starting May 1st

APRIL 2021
April Collection
As we welcome the April Collection, we’re spotlighting a Scandinavian aesthetic with colour highlights including light beech tones, earthy green hues and playful graphic prints. Designing with sustainability in mind continues to be a strong focus. You’ll find products designed with more sustainable materials, created by social enterprises and products that encourage a healthy life at home overall. A key highlight is the HERVOR and HALLVI Cushion covers, designed in collaboration with social enterprise Rangsutra who engages a community of more than two thousand skilled craftspeople, and provides work for rural artisans – a group heavily dominated by women.

APRIL 2021
The FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier
This April, we’re excited to launch the FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier which is one of the first steps in IKEA’s journey and commitment to enabling consumers to purify the air in their homes. The FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier combines high performance technology with IKEA’s approach to democratic design while being available at the affordable price of $69.99 CAD. We believe that creating high quality products such as Air Purifiers should be available to the many, so we’ve secured it at an affordable price to make healthy indoor air available to all consumers. Developing affordable and high performing solutions to purify air at home is a long-term commitment at IKEA and the FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier is one of the first steps on this journey.

The FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier will be available at all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast and starting April 1st

The INBJUDEN Collection
This March, we’re welcoming the INBJUDEN Collection that’s designed for celebration and creating long-lasting memories. The collection has a fresh pastel colour palette we all love about the Spring including soft muted greens, light pinks as well as a variety of patterns that you can easily mix and match. It’s also a collection that easily blends into existing home décor as the pieces are easy to coordinate which ensures you’re investing in products that will last the course of time. Finally, product highlights include décor centerpieces, faux floral arrangements, colourful textiles and picturesque serve ware!

The February Collection
This season we’re warmly welcoming the February Collection at IKEA. With the days soon reaching their chilliest peak we look forward to the feeling of Spring with the latest design inspiration that feels warm, cozy and adds a layer of wellness we all need in our homes. This season, we’re spotlighting a fresh colour palette that’s neutral, earth-toned and ultimately brings us closer to the outdoors. Within the collection you’ll find shades of rich chocolate brown hues, crisp metallic tones and cozy neutral blues. Designing with sustainability continues to be strong focus with products made from natural materials including bamboo, more sustainable cotton and 100% recycled polyester.

The LJUVARE Collection
This February, IKEA Canada is welcoming the LJUVARE collection that’s inspired by the colours and patterns of the Middle East. LJUVARE celebrates festive family get togethers that embrace warm days and cool starry desert nights. The collection spotlights warm earth-toned hues, geometrical patterns and rich gold tones. Product highlights include decorative dinnerware, textiles and ambient lighting. The collection also uses a unique a design technique called chasing, where a hammer is pressed into the metal which creates a hand-crafted geometric finish.

LJUVARE was created in collaboration with Lebanese designer, Nada Debs. By combining Nada’s contemporary design based on traditional Middle Eastern patterns along with IKEA’s approach to Democratic Design, LJUVARE celebrates a festive collection that everyone can embrace. This collection will be sold in select IKEA Canada locations including Richmond, Calgary, Etobicoke, North York, Vaughan and Montreal.

Organization Goals 3.0
Home is where the heart is. It’s also where all your stuff is. In some homes, there’s lots of stuff; in others, there’s less. Many of these things are hidden in drawers, cupboards, and closets. Others are spread out around the home, in the open.

To kick off the 2021, IKEA wants you to feel organized with inspiration for cleaning, sorting, hiding and recycling. We want to inspire more sustainable ways of living that keeps you on top of new years resolutions and that are simply easily attainable.

2021 Colour of the Year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

The Gingerbread Höme
This December, we’re excited to share an extra sweet project we’ve been working on called the Gingerbread Höme. The Gingerbread Höme will transform your existing gingerbread house with all the delicious home furnishings it needs to take it to the next level. The Gingerbread Höme is now available on On the page you’ll find downloadable stencils, the classic IKEA assembly instruction guide and the best part about it is there’s no allen key needed. You will be able to re-create iconic IKEA products including the classic STRANDMON chair, the MALM bedframe, the BILLY bookshelf and more.

The SOLGLIMTAR Collection to celebrate the Lunar New Year!
This December, we’re excited to welcome the annual SOLGLIMTAR collection inspired by the colours and atmosphere that celebrate the Lunar New Year. The SOLGLIMTAR collection sets the tone for creating a cozy at home experience for the upcoming celebration. The collection highlights a beautiful floral pattern with product focuses including picturesque tableware items, to home décor and finally festive accent lighting. Additionally, you’ll find colour highlights including classic reds, blues and pops of gold hues!

SOLGLIMTAR is a limited collection and will be sold while supplies last. It will be available at all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast and starting December 1st.

The RÅVAROR Collection: Designed for Life-changing Times
RÅVAROR is a new collection of multi-functional furnishings that can easily adapt to your home wherever it may be - now and in the future. RÅVAROR marries the concept of Scandinavian design and flexibility. The collection is made from materials including crafted wood, steel, denim and wool. You can arrange the furniture to fit your space and how you live. Then, when you move, you can take your whole home with you – because it’s all built to last and made to fit in your next place.

The Holiday Collection
The Holiday Collection is filled with ways to embrace memories whether it’s enjoying the golden hours of the afternoon, learning the latest viral dance moves, going for a crisp winter walk and of course indulging in all things food. This year’s holiday collection shares inspiration on how to dress a picturesque table-scape, decorating for the festive season and wrapping gifts in more sustainable ways.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide
With holidays quickly approach, we’re also excited to share the much-anticipated 2020 IKEA Canada Holiday Gift Guide. This year we’ve taken a unique approach on gift giving ideas for your loved ones. We’ve browsed through almost 10,000+ products and have highlighted our must-have items for the season including:

  • Giving the gift of play with the BYGGLEK collection in collaboration with LEGO
  • Giving the gift of a healthy home with the GUNRID Air Purifying curtains
  • The new TUFJORD upholstered bedframe for that very special someone!
  • The gift that gives back with the SAGOSKATT soft toy collection

IKEAxBenGorham – The OSYNLIG Collection is here!
Today we’re excited to welcome OSYNLIG, Swedish for ‘invisible’, which is a collection of 13 scented candles that are made to provoke a wide range of emotion – from nostalgic memories, dreams of the future and, above all, heighten the experience of being at home through scent. All 13 scents are divided into three bases – floral, woodsy and fresh. We’re also excited to share that OSYNLIG will be starting at the affordable price point $6.99. With OSYNLIG, IKEA wants to democratize scent and make it an affordable luxury at a low price. The much-anticipated collection brings high-end scent to the reach of many consumers and the concept of invisible design to a wider audience than ever. When the possibilities to adjust the three-dimensional aspects of our homes are limited, the invisible design – the use of smell, sound and light – can offer new and unexpected solutions to the challenges we face in our lives at home today.

OSYNLIG will launch in all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast and starting on November 1st.

The SAGOSKATT Collection
We believe that children are the most important people in the world and children’s right to play is an essential part of creating for a better everyday life at home. With that in mind, we’re excited to share that the annually anticipated SAGOSKATT soft toy collection is back. SAGOSKATT is a playful line of soft toys designed by children for a great cause. It encourages kids to play and directly supports every child’s right to play. All proceeds from the collection will be donated to local organizations across Canada that support children’s right to play and develop. It’s truly the gift that gives back this year!

DEKORERA Collection
This October we’re welcoming a short-term collection of products called DEKORERA which is inspired by iconic 17th century painters including Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals. DEKORERA is a charming collection filled with swirling patterns, golden hues, playful scenes and shadowy corners. Product highlights include cushion covers, rugs, glassware and dinning accessories.

The October Collection
The October Collection is inspired by dark moody hues, celebrates more sustainable products and welcomes in seasonal change. We’re spotlighting an earthy colour palette which includes neutral hues, rustic reds, muted greys and textured patterns. We continue to design with sustainability at top of mind with cushions designed in collaboration with the Jordan River Foundation and finally a collection of baskets made from Nipa Palm Stock Fibre which is a fast-growing natural material from South East Asia. We are among the first retailers to use this material.

IKEA collaborates with LEGO for the BYGGLEK collaboration launching this October
We’re excited to announce the much-anticipated collaboration between IKEA and the LEGO Group is finally here. We’ve joined forces to create a playful storage solution called BYGGLEK which consists of storage boxes with LEGO®studs and a special LEGO brick set which encourages play while blending functional storage into the home in a beautiful way. Altogether BYGGLEK combines IKEA’s life at home expertise when it comes to storage and LEGO’s expertise on play. It’s storage you can actually Play on!

BYGGLEK will be available on and all IKEA Canada stores from coast to coast on October 1st.

The 2021 IKEA Catalogue (Home Furnishing Handbook) is here!
Today more than ever before, home is the most important place in the world. Over these past few months, our homes have had to take on many new roles and meanings from working at home, embracing new activities like cooking and creating at home and finding space for wellness at home.

With this renewed focus on life at home, we’re excited to welcome the 2021 IKEA Catalouge (Home Furnishing Handbook) which is filled with inspirational tips, hands-on ideas and small affordable shifts to live better. This year’s Catalogue truly goes back to basics with easy inspiration for the many, it truly is your go-to guide to create a better home.

JUNE 2020
The Staycation Guide
This June, we’re inspired to share Staycation Guide which is created by our design experts here in Canada, providing you with simple and affordable ideas on how to create a retreat in any outdoor space that you have available. Whether you’re taking some much needed me-time to learn and grow, making the most out of spending time with the little ones or are simply trying to find some time to escape after a long workday. This guide shares simple inspiration to elevate your space in a beautiful way

JUNE 2020
OMTÄNKSAM which is Swedish for caring is all about design for our wellbeing. All products are designed with different human needs in focus. To create the collection, IKEA partnered up with Physiotherapist and Ergonomist, Eli Lindegård. Through the collaboration, we’ve directly addressed a key vital point which is the demand in our homes for furniture to last us a lifetime as our demographic in the world changes. With this concept in mind, OMTÄNKSAM is the result of looking at life’s many stages and the needs that might arise when our physical circumstances changes, temporarily or permanently.

MARCH 2020
Bamboo Inspiration Guide
This March, we are celebrating sustainable design and living more mindfully. When it comes to beautiful materials that are great for our planet, bamboo is at the top of our list. Bamboo is one of the fastest self-regenerating raw materials (growing a meter per day!). It’s also extremely strong and flexible, making it perfectly suitable and long-lasting for all types of furniture and accessories ranging from statement lighting, bathroom solutions and decorative baskets.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to capture a Scandinavian, rustic or coastal-beach front aesthetic, here are some inspiring ways to effortlessly bring bamboo into your home.

Get the Party Started with FREKVENS
Meet FREKVENS – a limited collection of products that allow you to start a party easily in your home, or anywhere depending on where the music takes you. Insights of how important music is in young people's life was the starting point of the collection FREKVENS – a Swedish word meaning frequency, where IKEA explores how to engineer new solutions for having fun, together with teenage engineering, a Stockholm-based creative collective made up of engineers and computer programmers with a passionate design interest. The core of the collection highlights light and sound which includes speaker system and lighting that’s customizable and modular.

Organization Goals 2.0 – The Bedroom Edition
This New Year, let's update, organize and declutter so that we can maximize our space and enjoy the time that we spend at home. For Organization Goals 2.0, we are spotlighting the bedroom. We believe our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries, the place where we refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. But so often our bedrooms can become the catch-all for clutter and this stress can literally keep us up at night.

How to Pick the Perfect Mattress
We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to our well-being. Benefits are endless when it comes to sleep; it strengthens our heart, boosts our positivity, fuels our lifespan, sparks our creativity, and creates mental wellness and so much more. With that in mind, we know that life is becoming busier than it’s ever been. IKEA gathers extensive knowledge to truly understand how customers live their lives at home through customer surveys and home visits. Through this research, we know that the bedroom is often the last place that people invest in as its hidden and we can easily close the door.

At IKEA, we want to use our knowledge and expertise as sleep specialists to help the many Canadians focus on creating a bedroom oasis which begins with choosing the perfect mattress. This fall, we want to inspire you with an exciting trend report on “How to Pick the Perfect Mattress”.

When it sounds great it feels right.

In close collaboration with audio-experts Sonos we’ve created SYMFONISK – great-sounding, great-looking pieces of furniture that blend into the home in new ways and make it easier to furnish with sound.

Sales start August 2019