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We all have a story to tell
Your living room is where you share the story of who you are. Our living room furniture helps you do that. With lots of ways to show off the things you’ve done and the places you've been, include plenty of comfortable seating because sharing it all with your favourite people is the best part.

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The superhero living room for the big family

Here's a living room that suits all family members, whether they want to play, study, or relax together. And in a few simple steps, it transforms into a spacious sleeping area for the parents (and any little ones who might sneak in at night!).

Simplicity meets playfulness

Make a playful statement in the living room with our cool, minimalist FLOTTEBO sofa bed, now available in purple. This sofa bed is perfect for a versatile space where different activities can take place – from socializing to working, or sleeping.

A close-up of the purple FLOTTEBO sofa bed with stitching details and large movable cushions to place as you wish.

The movable cushions of the sofa bed can be moved freely depending on how you want to sit or style it. When it’s transformed into a comfortable bed, you just need to take out the bedding from the storage space beneath the sofa.


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Add some layers for daydreams and meanderings
Yes, it’s true. The flexibility that two, three layers of curtains give you, it’s well-being. You can filter the light or shut it out, keep your living room warm or cool, stop reflections on screens and create both privacy and views. Or, just make you feel a sense of balance at the end of a super-busy day.

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