Turn your laundry green

Just hear us out.  By making your laundry routine more eco-friendly, you can save your time, your clothes, and even your planet.  What are you waiting for?

1. Give your dryer a summer vacation.  When you skip the dry-cycle and hang your clothes to dry outdoors, you're rewarded with energy savings and non-shrunken clothes that will wear out more slowly. And in winter, you can just set up your drying rack inside, where it will double as a humidifier.

2. Just chill out.  Unless you're laundering a load of muddy soccer uniforms, consider washing your clothes in cold water.  Like air-drying, this is gentler on clothes, the planet, and your wallet, since much of the expended energy (and cost) of a laundry load comes from heating the water.

3. Fill 'er up!  Cut down on laundry days. Unless it’s been stained, most clothing probably doesn’t need to be washed after every single wear. Just air them out and hang them back in your closet. When laundry days do roll around, make sure your washing machine is filled with a full load.

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Get smart with space

Tucked away behind two tiny doors is a mini laundry station that fits and functions in this small bathroom. 
The best part? Close the doors, and you won’t have to be reminded of the clothes.

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