For your new favourite room in the house
A good night’s sleep in a comfy bed and bedroom furniture that gives you space to store your things (in a way that means you’ll easily find them again). Set the mood with warm lighting and snuggle up with soft blankets and pillows, all at a price that lets you rest easy. All at a price that lets you rest easy.

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Dreaming of the past

Make a statement in the bedroom with SAGSTUA bed frame. It combines a classic metal bed frame with a curved, high headboard and brass details — just like a bed of the past.

Make bedtime beautiful

Indulge in blue bedtimes with STJÄRNFLOCKA duvet cover featuring a look resembling Japanese Shibori dyeing technique and made with 100% sustainably sourced cotton.

Bedroom Sets

Our bedroom sets come in different styles, sizes, and colours - and at affordable prices. There are also a lot of options to mix and match, so that you can furnish with your own personal style.
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Because your dream wardrobe should fit just right

When you use our IKEA planning specialists and purchase a new PAX wardrobe of $500 or more, you will receive an IKEA gift card for the value of the service.

Because sometimes it's nicer to stay in bed

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Bedroom inspiration

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Good night, everyone

When it comes to mattresses, one size doesn't fit all. People are built differently. People sleep differently. We understand this, which is why our range of mattresses offers you a wide choice of materials, support and price levels; everything you need to find a perfect match for you.

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Nightstands and Bedside tables

Nightstands are unsung heroes of the night, keeping your books, alarm clock and glass of water within reach. Our nightstands and bedside tables come in different styles and match our beds and other bedroom furniture. Some have doors or drawers to hide your current bestseller from borrowers and all have prices that won’t disturb your sleep.

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Falling back asleep

Night shift? Pull down the black-out blinds and catch up on some sleep. With layer upon layer of different types of curtains you can easily change your bedroom from daylight to darkness, and everything in between.

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