A little me-time goes a long way

Time for ourselves is something we all need now and then. That is why we make bathroom furniture that gives you space for everything you need, along with smart ways to organize it. That way, you can spend less time looking for the toothpaste and more time doing what’s really important: taking care of yourself.

Plan a customized bathroom that gives you space for everything you need with our IKEA Bathroom planner.

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The fast and affordable refresh

Big dreams for your bathroom, but a more-than-modest budget? We've got you. Without breaking the bank (or the landlord's tiles), here are the easiest ways to give your bathroom a much-deserved mini-makeover.

Bathroom clutter, be gone! Go beyond the mirror cabinet with extra storage for your collection of lotions and potions.

Nothing cuts through the blah of a boring bathroom like a bold shower curtain. Play around with different colours to really keep things interesting.

Being low on space means being creative with the little you do have. Suction cup shower baskets are a great choice for those tricky tiles walls.

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Find the bathroom that makes your morning smile

Rise and shine with GODMORGON

A better start to every day

With the GODMORGON bathroom series, you can create a well-organized bathroom that gives the whole family a calm start to the day. This bathroom furniture is made to withstand humidity thanks to a smart technique using vertically-wrapped foil. You can even get double bathroom vanity sinks and faucets that save both time and water if you have a big family.

Everyone deserves a refreshing shower

The IKEA showers are fully coordinated, with everything you need for a great shower experience: shower heads and hand showers with different spray functions, thermostatic faucets and bathroom accessories, all in the same family.

All IKEA showers are equipped with water and energy-efficient shower heads and hand showers. This is achieved by having a flow regulator, which reduces the water flow. You’ll save up to 30% water and energy compared to a shower without a flow regulator. Everyone deserves a refreshing shower experience every day. And what can be more revitalizing than knowing you can save water (and money on your water and energy bills) at the same time? Just pick and choose the shower function you need in your bathroom.

Adding a little harmony to the bathroom, one detail at a time

Bathroom IDEAS and Inspiration