VINTER 2020 Roll of tape, animal pattern gray, 16.40 '
Article Number604.744.11

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Just as suitable to decorate with as to put up pictures or highlight important things in your calendar. And you can move the tape whenever you like – without it leaving marks.Since the tape is made of paper, you can choose if you want to tear or cut it. An uneven edge can be just as decorative as a straight one.Designer

Ann Wessblad

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  • VINTER 2020Roll of tapeArticle no:604.744.11
    Width: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 2 ¼ " (5 cm)Weight: 1 oz (0.03 kg)Package(s): 1

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16.40 ' (5 m)
¾ " (1.8 cm)
Package quantity: 
3 pack
Total length: 
49.21 ' (15 m)


Tape does not stick toFIONATape does not stick to paper waste of money1
I love ikea washi andPamI love ikea washi and I hope you will still make more stationery!5
Vinter 2020ClaudiaI found it too pale, but I needed something to decorate the candles.2

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

Christmas means preparations, care and anticipation, especially for children. During these darkest days of the year, we decorate our homes with Christmas flowers, light many candles and decorate the Christmas tree with things our children have made as well as old and new arts and crafts – and we cook food and bake gingerbread cookies. With the hand-painted motifs in the VINTER 2020 collection, I’ve tried to illustrate the atmosphere we create in our homes at Christmas time.
Designer Ann Wessblad

Roll of tape, animal pattern gray16.40 ' (5 m)

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VINTER 2020 Roll of tape, animal pattern gray, 16.40 '


$3.99/ 49.213 '