VINTER 2020 Dish cloth, Santa Claus pattern white/red
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The dish cloth is very absorbent so you can use it to wipe clean all types of surfaces without scratching them, such as tables and kitchen countertop.Adds to the Christmas feeling in your home.Designer

Friso Wiersma

  • Cellulose and cotton fibers
    Dampen before use.
  • Renewable material (cellulose and cotton fibers).
  • VINTER 2020Dish clothArticle no:204.759.69
    Width: 7 " (18 cm)Height: 0 " (0 cm)Length: 8 " (20 cm)Weight: 0 oz (0.01 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

8 " (20 cm)
7 " (18 cm)


I love this idea. WhenSANDRAI love this idea. When wet , these become soft & super absorbent. Great for cleaning counter tops in kitchen, wiping water on tiles in shower area, etc.... These wipes are machine washable & last forever! Enjoy!5
So usefulMONIQUEGreat product, so handy instead of paper towels. And you can just throw it in the washer.5
These are unique. Love themCINDYThese are unique. Love them5
Vinter 2020HOLLYExcellent value for the money Hope to see product back next Christmas season5
Terrific product!LydiaLove this sponge cloth. It's become a little "work horse" in the kitchen from cleaning the stove top, counters and table. So easy to use and rinse. The Santa pattern is delightful as well. A real bargain at 99 cents. Please, please make seasonal version of this product throughout the year. A Fall and Spring and Summer version would be fantastic.5
Bang for you buck!RajAbsolutely great product to use daily for wiping down counter, stove, island etc. Does NOT smell funky after use and dries super fast. I have replaced my microfibre cloths in the kitchen - and I won’t go back!5
I have not use thisMeghanI have not use this on the dishes, have use this as decor around the house5
AdorableMARYANNESo festive for the kitchen5
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Dish cloth, Santa Claus pattern white/red

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VINTER 2020 Dish cloth, Santa Claus pattern white/red