TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26
TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26
TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26
TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26
TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26
TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26

Now it's really easy for anyone to use smart lighting. With this kit you can use the remote to turn on and off, switch between different tones of white light and dim for the right mood.


Product details

Easy to get started with a ready-to-use TRÅDFRI smart kit containing one remote control and one E26 LED light bulb (large base) with white spectrum.You can quickly and easily change the mood in the room by dimming and switching from warm to cold light in 3 steps.When you add TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app, you can create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.This kit is already pre-paired, so all you have to do is screw the light source into the lamp socket and then start using your smart lighting.Can only be used with IKEA Smart lighting products.You can expand your kit so that you can control up to 10 LED bulbs, LED light panels, or LED light doors so that they all behave in the same way - dim, turn off, turn on, and gradually switch from warm to cold light.Standby power consumption: 0.5W.Works with IKEA Home smart.This kit is not suitable for use with hardwired dimmers.With TRÅDFRI remote control you can dim your lights without a hardwired installation.The remote control has a maximum range of 32 feet when not blocked by any walls.A magnet makes it easy to attach the remote control to the wall bracket.Battery is included, and last approx. 2 years.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Product size

Default luminous flux: 
1000 lm
Default colour temperature: 
2700 K
5 " (120 mm)
2 " (60 mm)
11 W


WonkyTabishI bought this item two weeks ago and was excited to use it remotely. The bulb itself creates soothing ambiance however the remote is wonky since I have to either hard press or press for long time to change color or brightness. Bitter sweet experience !2
Great but one issueLauraB17I love these lights and being able to install the switch on the wall next to the door just like a regular light switch is awesome. One issue, though, is that after a power outage, the light comes on full blast. This is not ideal in the middle of the night, especially in my toddler's room. Would love to see a fix for this.4
Loving the wireless and dimmingWasayColor spectrum could have been better4
Get it from PhillipsStarscream of CybertronI bought two of these last year in April. They were nice then last November one started to flicker with a strobe effect, while the other will no longer turn on and off with the remote (battery was just changed.) Save your money and buy a reliable brand.1
Closet Light Solution.Anthony55We recently renovated our master bedroom and expanded the closet the Tradfri light with remote control was a perfect lighting solution as opposed to rewiring the closet.5
The Light is OnHadrian1964Easy to pair and to use, worse the purchase4
works awesomea9diWorks well for turning light on and off.5

Remote control kit, white spectrumE26

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TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E26