TOSTERÖ Umbrella cover, black, 86 5/8 "
TOSTERÖ Umbrella cover, black, 86 5/8 "
TOSTERÖ Umbrella cover, black, 86 5/8 "
TOSTERÖ Umbrella cover, black, 86 5/8 "

This thick waterproof cover helps you to extend the life of your larger umbrella. It protects the umbrella against rain, sun, dirt, dust and pollen – and the drawstring at the bottom ensures a tight fit.


Product details

TOSTERÖ waterproof cover will protect your umbrella from rain, sun, dirt, dust, and pollen when not in use.Protecting your umbrella with a waterproof cover is an easy and effective way to keep it looking fresh and new for longer.Storage bag with drawstring included.Fits the following umbrellas: OXNÖ/LINDÖJA, SEGLARÖ, KARLSÖ (hanging), BAGGÖN, LÅNGHOLMEN and LJUSTERÖ.Make sure the umbrella is completely dry before putting the cover on.The cover is not reversible. The glossy side must always face inwards, towards the umbrella.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Fabric:100 % polyester, Synthetic rubber
    Bag/ Bag/ Bag:100 % polyester
    CoverHand wash warm water.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • No perfluorinated chemicals (e.g. PFOS, PFOA, PFOSA) are used to make this product waterproof. As perfluorinated chemicals are non-degradable, it’s better for you and the environment to avoid them.Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • TOSTERÖUmbrella coverArticle no:003.245.61
    Length: 9 ¾ " (25 cm)Weight: 1 lb 2 oz (0.52 kg)Diameter: 4 " (10 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

86 5/8 " (220 cm)
Max. diameter: 
15 " (38 cm)
Min. diameter: 
13 3/4 " (35 cm)


Perfect sizeJVMTBought two and gave one to friend who could not find one that length.Good length and stronger fabric than sold in some stores. good price for the quality5
Fits well, does as intended!AJ005Does what it should do - covers and protects our large umbrella. Good size. Just a bit tricky to put on/take off but that is more due to the size of the umbrella and large base, not the cover itself.5
Doesn"t fit VÅRHOLMEN canopy!!JaybeanI purchased this cover to go along with the BETSÖ / VÅRHOLMEN umbrella combination. Per that product info, I bought the 63 cover. However, there is no way I can get the cover to completely encase the umbrella. First of all, I had to get up on a stepladder and work really hard to get the cover on top of the umbrella. Second, I had to pull and yank super hard on the cover to get it down over the umbrella. Third, I couldn't get the final 10 of the umbrella covered. Nothing I can do will make that cover come down further. Maybe on a smaller umbrella this would be fine. The fabric seems sturdy and it looks fine enough. But IKEA should NOT be stating that it's suitable for the BETSÖ / VÅRHOLMEN umbrella. I assumed that any IKEA product that's recommended for use with another IKEA product would have been tested and guaranteed to work. Nope. If I could give this zero stars, I would.1
Housse de parasolGigiLam18Il fait très bien. Hâte de voir s’il s’effritera avec le gris soleil qui plombe dessus, le ce t et la pluie. Mais pour le moment, très satisfaite!5
Perfect patio umbrella coverBellini138The material of the cover is thick and the price is good. The length of the cover is perfect for the way I’d like to store my umbrella by taking it out from the pole stand and store it inside my garage.5
Poorly designed umbrella coverRon333Ikea usually gets it right. But not this time! This cover is both over-priced and poorly designed. The problem is that the cover lacks a zipper and, without one, it is very difficult to install over anything but a short umbrella. If you can't easily reach the top of your umbrella when collapsed, you will likely need a ladder each time you use or remove this cover. Broomsticks help if the cover has a zipper opening but are of little use here. Much better designs are available online for 1/3 to 1/2 the price of this one. Fabric is acceptable and the carry bag is nice though not essential. And Ikea's umbrellas represent excellent value and design. But this cover really needs to be redesigned!2
Working cover for the SEGLARO umbrellaMegatonIt's a cover. It fits on our SEGLARO and covers it. Not much more to say.5
completely satisfiedSimply put.... great product. I am happy I had a chance to buy one.5
Giant patio umbrella coverkeester03My last umbrella became discolored by UV rays while it sat, in a closed position, on my patio. Now my new IKEA umbrella will be protected from weather and UV while I'm not using it.4

Umbrella cover, black86 5/8 " (220 cm)

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TOSTERÖ Umbrella cover, black, 86 5/8 "