STOCKHOLM footstool Delikat white/black 23 5/8 " 20 1/8 " 16 1/8 "
STOCKHOLM footstool Delikat white/black 23 5/8 " 20 1/8 " 16 1/8 "
STOCKHOLM footstool Delikat white/black 23 5/8 " 20 1/8 " 16 1/8 "

Product details

Swivel function.Each footstool has its own unique pattern due to natural variations in the cowhide.The cover is easy to keep clean as it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.You can use it as an extra seat for guests or as an footstool.The footstool comes with the cover on.Complies with California TB117-2013 flammability requirements.
  • Leather:Top-grain leather
    Frame:Expanded polystyrene plastic, Birch plywood
    Seat:Polyurethane foam., Polyester wadding
    Swivel base:Steel, Pigmented powder coating
    Vacuum clean.Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • STOCKHOLMFootstoolArticle no:601.031.99
    Width: 20 " (51 cm)Height: 17 ¼ " (44 cm)Length: 22 ½ " (57 cm)Weight: 27 lb 8 oz (12.48 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

23 5/8 " (60 cm)
20 1/8 " (51 cm)
16 1/8 " (41 cm)


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STOCKHOLM footstool Delikat white/black 23 5/8 " 20 1/8 " 16 1/8 "

Leather - a natural choice

There's something special about a leather sofa, a feeling that's hard to put into words. It has to do with the natural look and softness of leather. But just as important, especially for families with children, is the fact that leather is a practical material. A leather sofa is something the whole family can enjoy. IKEA only uses leather that has been treated to make it extra easy to care for and durable, without compromising on the natural feel of the material. The leather is also tested and approved before we use it, so when you buy a leather sofa from us, you can be sure it's an investment that will last for many years. Choose between sofas in different styles and price levels - and trust both your common sense and your own personal taste when deciding.  Read More

What's the difference between leather types?

There are many aspects that distinguish one leather from the other. For this reason, certain types of leather are more suitable for certain furniture pieces and lifestyles than others. First and foremost, it's important to know the difference between grain and split leather, that is, the top layer and under layer of the leather. Another difference is the thickness of the leather. The leather on the sofas IKEA sells is between 0.9 and 1.6 mm thick. Thinner leather is a little softer and best for plump sofas, while thicker leather is best for more robust and straight sofa models. There are also differences in the surface texture of the leather. Some leather types have a somewhat coarser texture, while others are smooth and soft. There's also a difference in how the leather is treated. All leather is tanned first, which means it is preserved. Then it is through-dyed. After tanning and dyeing there are different methods for finishing the surface of the leather. There are three main types of leather: pigmented leather, which has a protective surface of colur; semianilin, which has a slightly pigmented surface; and anilin leather, which has no pigment on the surface at all. There's also another, special type of leather called bycast leather, which has a surface covered with a thin plastic film.

Where does the leather come from?

The hides that the leather industry works with come from animals used by the food industry. For most of our leather furniture we use hides from cows, but we also use goat and buffalo. To ensure the highest quality and best prices, we use leather from different countries around the world.

How is the leather tested?

We test our leather thoroughly. First, the leather is inspected by sight and touch. We measure the thickness of the leather and check its softness and feel. Then we conduct a number of technical tests in which the leather is tested for tear strength, color fastness to rubbing and light, and fire resistance. Another important test is to the leather's flexing endurance. This involves testing the number of times the leather can be bent without cracks appearing in the pigmented surface. We demand that it be able to withstand bending 20,000 times. In a final test we perform a number of chemical tests on the leather to be sure it doesn't contain any forbidden substances.

How do I care for my leather sofa?

All leather is durable, easy to care for and soft. With a minimum amount of maintenance, leather sofas will remain clean and beautiful year after year. There are a few simple guidelines to follow: vacuum your sofa regularly with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Remove any grease stains you may get from crackers or chips, for example, so the grease doesn't penetrate the leather. If it does, there's a risk it may dissolve the protective finish on the surface. Use our ABSORB leather cleaner for cleaning, then rub in ABSORB leather cream. Repeat the treatment about once a year and the leather will be well protected against dirt and grease. Bycast leather, which is coated with a thin glossy film, should not be treated with ABSORB. Just wipe it with a damp cloth. Never use dissolvent on leather. Heat and sunlight may also have an effect on leather. For this reason, you should keep leather furniture at least 12" from heat sources, such as radiators. And try to protect leather from exposure to direct sunlight.

What are grain leather and split leather?

Most animal hides are too thick to be used as furniture leather. The hide must first be divided into two layers. The top layer is called grain leather and the under layer, split leather. Grain leather is softer and stronger and split leather is less expensive. This is why IKEA often uses a combination of both, using grain leather on surfaces that are more exposed to wear, such as seating surfaces and armrests, and split leather on other surfaces. Anilin leather and semianilin leather are always grain leather. Pigmented leather can be either grain or split leather. Bycast leather is always split leather.

What is aniline leather?

Anilin leather is the leather with no pigment on the surface and the most natural look. For example, there can be visible traces from insect bites or scars that the animal received. The leather may also vary in color and structure. After tanning and through-dyeing, a protective surface, usually of wax, is all that is applied to anilin leather. This makes the leather soft and allows it to breathe, yet also makes it sensitive to light and dirt. This sensitivity, together with the high cost, is the reason IKEA rarely sell seating furniture with anilin leather.

What is semianilin leather?

Semianilin leather is treated in the same way as anilin leather, but has a thin layer of pigment and lacquer that protect it against stains and dirt. Some products that IKEA sells have a semianilin leather cover that's called SMIDIG.

What is a pigmented leather?

Most leather sofas and leather armchairs we sell at IKEA are of pigmented leather. Like anilin and semianilin leather, pigmented leather is tanned and dyed through. But what differs pigmented leather from the others is the thicker layer of color that protects against stains and lowers the price, too, because more hides can be used for pigmented leather than anilin leather. The reason is that irregularities in the leather, such as traces of insect bites or scars, can be corrected and hidden by the protective layer of color on pigmented leather. This makes the leather easy to clean, durable, smooth - and very practical!

What is bycast leather?

Bycast leather is a special type of leather. The surface is covered with a plastic film that makes it easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Bycast leather at IKEA has a shiny surface and is called FRÄSIG.

What feeling do you like best?

Leather sofas and armchairs at IKEA come in many different styles and price levels. The leather differs in texture and finish, thickness and color, and the design on the furniture can be soft and plump or contemporary and elegant. We have a wide variety to be sure you can find something that's just right for you. What all leather sofas have in common is that they're easy to care for and durable - and therefore also a practical choice for families with children. Leather sofas also have a special feeling. So, don't just gather the facts - listen to your own feelings when you make your choice, too.
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STOCKHOLM footstool Delikat white/black 23 5/8 " 20 1/8 " 16 1/8 "