SMÅSTAD / UPPFÖRA Wardrobe, white white/with frame, 23 5/8x24 3/4x53 1/2 "
SMÅSTAD / UPPFÖRA Wardrobe, white white/with frame, 23 5/8x24 3/4x53 1/2 "
SMÅSTAD / UPPFÖRA Wardrobe, white white/with frame, 23 5/8x24 3/4x53 1/2 "

I can do it! Everything’s height in this SMÅSTAD wardrobe allows your child to see, reach and hang their clothes and things on hooks. Perfect for a stubborn 3-year old who does everything on their own.

Article Number493.888.77

Product details

This wardrobe is adapted to a younger child's height and motor skills so that they can reach and hang back their clothes on their own.The wardrobe has interiors which you can move and adjust based on your child’s needs.Stands evenly on an uneven floor; adjustable feet included.The doors have soft-closing hinges which make them close softly and quietly.WARNING! Prevent tip-over injury or death. Furniture with included restraints must be secured to the wall according to the product’s assembly instructions.Different wall materials require different types of hardware. The included screws are suitable for wooden materials, and the wall plugs can be used for plaster, concrete, or masonry. Follow the instructions for the wall type in your home.1 clothes rail, 1 shelf and 2 LÄTTHET hooks and clip are included.Knobs and handles are sold separately.
  • Frame
    Side panel/ Top panel:Particle- and fibreboard with honeycomb paper filling (100% recycled paper), Paper foil, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Bottom panel:Fiberboard, Paper foil, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Back panel:Fiberboard, Plastic foil
    Base frame back:Particleboard, Paper foil
    Base frame side:Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Fiberboard, Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    Clothes rail
    Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Pull-out rail for baskets
    Main parts:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Wheel:Acetal plastic
    Fiberboard, Paper foil, Particleboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled)
    Soft closing hinge
    Hinge:Steel, Copper-plated
    Soft closing device:Acetal plastic
    Wire basket
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Hook and clip
    Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Drawer front/ Drawer bottom:Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    Drawer side/ Drawer back:Particleboard, Plastic foil
  • ShelfBy using sawmill leftovers and scrap wood in the particle board in this product, we make use of whole trees and not only the trunks. That way, we take better care of resources.
  • This product comes as 14 packages.
    UPPFÖRAFrameArticle no:204.335.16
    Width: 25 " (64 cm)Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)Length: 59 " (150 cm)Weight: 51 lb 13 oz (23.50 kg)Package(s): 1
    SMÅSTADDoorArticle no:404.342.04
    Width: 12 " (30 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 50 ½ " (128 cm)Weight: 13 lb 5 oz (6.05 kg)Package(s): 1
    HJÄLPAClothes railArticle no:503.312.05
    Width: 1 ¾ " (4 cm)Height: 1 ¼ " (3 cm)Length: 25 ½ " (65 cm)Weight: 11 oz (0.31 kg)Package(s): 1
    HJÄLPAPull-out rail for basketsArticle no:103.311.94
    Width: 3 ¼ " (8 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 25 ½ " (65 cm)Weight: 15 oz (0.44 kg)Package(s): 1
    HJÄLPAShelfArticle no:903.311.66
    Width: 22 ¼ " (56 cm)Height: 1 " (2 cm)Length: 23 " (59 cm)Weight: 5 lb 3 oz (2.35 kg)Package(s): 1
    HJÄLPASoft closing hingeArticle no:903.828.82
    Width: 6 ¾ " (17 cm)Height: 1 ¼ " (3 cm)Length: 6 ¾ " (17 cm)Weight: 4 oz (0.11 kg)Package(s): 6
    HJÄLPAWire basketArticle no:403.311.83
    Width: 20 " (51 cm)Height: 6 " (16 cm)Length: 21 ¼ " (54 cm)Weight: 3 lb 2 oz (1.43 kg)Package(s): 1
    LÄTTHETHook and clipArticle no:104.369.78
    Width: 3 ½ " (9 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 6 ¼ " (16 cm)Weight: 2 oz (0.05 kg)Package(s): 1
    UPPFÖRADrawerArticle no:904.335.51
    Width: 19 ¾ " (50 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 22 ¾ " (58 cm)Weight: 9 lb 12 oz (4.41 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

24 3/4 " (63 cm)
53 1/2 " (136 cm)
23 5/8 " (60 cm)
SMÅSTAD / UPPFÖRA Wardrobe, white white/with frame, 23 5/8x24 3/4x53 1/2 "

SMÅSTAD – Storage for growing children

Since children are not small-sized adults, they have other needs and are also constantly evolving. With SMÅSTAD we wanted to create a storage system from a child's perspective, so it’s easier and more fun to get dressed and keep everything organized. We started with our reliable frames in UPPFÖRA and then made all parts of SMÅSTAD flexible and easy to update. Then the storage can last for many years – and ends up being a little kinder to your wallet.

Working with SMÅSTAD, we wanted to understand in depth the needs and challenges that families have when it comes to storage for children. So we visited and interviewed parents and children around the world who told us about their morning routines and showed us their wardrobes.

Big and small experts helped out

We also studied children's development research and looked at how storage needs are solved in schools and preschools. Everywhere there was knowledge and experience that helped us in our work. One of all the insights we gained was that everyday routines and the choice of clothing easily leads to a struggle between adults and children. So how could a storage solution help them to get their routines together at home to flow a little more smoothly? It ended up forming the basis of our work, and when the first prototypes were ready we invited our experts again – to praise or give a thumbs down to all the ideas.

Simpler with fewer choices

There is a hard nut to crack for most families: the small child who wants to decide for themselves and the adult who thinks they know best. You’ve probably experienced a three-year-old who is quite sure that birthday party clothes are just the right choice for a Monday morning. Being able to choose for themselves and have an overview of their clothes is really important for a child’s development, but it will be simpler for them if the choices are limited (and reasonable). That’s why the storage in SMÅSTAD wardrobe can be divided into different levels – an upper one you have control over, and a lower one where the picky three-year-old reaches a slightly smaller range of choices. It's tricking them a bit, we know, but it’s a good means to an end: the child can see their choices just the right amount in order to make their own decisions.

Ages 0-2 – calm start with safe routines

In anticipation of the new family member arriving, you can prepare a cozy, safe and practical place for changing diapers, clothes and everything else that concerns the baby's care. Then coming home with your newborn baby can be completely wonderful, but also a bit overwhelming. The laundry pile grows and you try to juggle doing everything that needs to be done while holding the baby at the same time. With a combination of SMÅSTAD changing table and storage, you can easily reach everything you need on hooks and in drawers, and can still have a snug hand devoted to your child. As the baby develops and begins to perceive more of their surroundings, you can put up colourful pictures around the changing table and hang up a mobile that grabs their attention. When the diapers period is over, the changing table can easily be lowered and turn into a reasonably high table for play and drawing.

Ages 3-7 – full speed ahead

During this period, children develop at an astounding rate. Play is most important, but taking responsibility for one's things and getting dressed on their own are routines that make the child grow and feel independent. Since it takes time for all motor and sensory skills to develop, it is important that storage is adapted and easily accessible. Many children, for example, find it difficult to hang up and remove clothes from a hanger – even if it’s child-sized. And if the wardrobe is deep, it's hard to see and reach the clothes furthest back. That’s why we made it possible to divide the storage in SMÅSTAD into different levels, so that your child can reach just the right amount of clothes on hooks and in wire trays or drawers. To simplify the morning routines, you can label the storage with pictures in label holders, so both you and the yawning four-year-old know where the socks are.

This is an exciting time. Friends become more important, the child fully explores their identity and is happy to show off their style and interests. At home, favourite toys and posters can change from one day to the next. The variability is part of the development and to stimulate it we’ve developed a cork door for SMÅSTAD. There they can create their world of images and important things – without the wall being riddled with holes. The fact that clothes end up in piles on the floor is not out of the ordinary since they’re focused on everything but complicated hangers. Instead you can place hooks on both the inside and outside of SMÅSTAD so it’s faster to hang clothes, backpacks and other things. At the bottom of the pull-out wardrobe is a drawer where you they can pile in everything that needs tidied away. We think that both children and their parents like simple solutions.

Easy to find in a pull-out wardrobe

When we visited families around the world, we realized that an ordinary wardrobe with doors is often too deep and too tall from a child's perspective. SMÅSTAD simply needed a new type of storage. Inspired by our kitchen range, we got the idea for the stable pull-out storage. When our small and big experts eventually got to test it and pulled out the wardrobe, pretty much everyone said "Wow!" They really liked getting such a good overview and being able to reach everything from two sides. The high edges of the bottom are used to strengthen the construction, but at the same time they create a storage drawer for everything from the baby's diapers to the child's toys and the teenager's sportswear. Pretty smart, right?

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Wardrobe, white white/with frame23 5/8x24 3/4x53 1/2 " (60x63x136 cm)

Knobs and handles are sold separately.
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SMÅSTAD / UPPFÖRA Wardrobe, white white/with frame, 23 5/8x24 3/4x53 1/2 "