SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "

Changing positions from sitting to standing is good for you, and the crank handle allows you to work your arms while adjusting the height. Moving your body makes you both feel and work better.

Article Number593.248.18

Product details

10-year Warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.You can easily adjust the height of the desk between 27½" and 47¼" by just cranking the handle and get the best position for both sitting and standing.Changing positions between sitting and standing helps you move your body so you both feel and work better.Comfortable for left- and right-handers, as the crank handle can be mounted on the left or right side.The crank handle slides in under the table top when not in use for a clean, uncluttered look.Adjustable feet make the desk stand steady also on uneven floors.This product has been developed and tested for office use.Can be used with SIGNUM cable trunking to keep all cords in place.Designer

Jon Karlsson

Article Number593.248.18
  • Tabletop
    Particle- and fibreboard with honeycomb paper filling (100% recycled paper), Acrylic paint, Plastic edging
    Underframe sit/stand f table top
    Feet:Steel, Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Center support beam/ Leg/ Side rail/ Crank:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Handle:Reinforced polyamide
    Shaft:Steel, Galvanized
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Underframe sit/stand f table topProduct possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
    TabletopWe want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.By using fibreboard with a particle board frame and honeycomb paper as filling material in this product, we use less wood per product. That way, we take better care of resources.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    SKARSTATabletopArticle no204.585.59
    Width: 29 ¼ " (75 cm)Height: 1 ¼ " (3 cm)Length: 49 " (125 cm)Weight: 16 lb 2 oz (7.30 kg)Package(s): 1
    SKARSTAUnderframe sit/stand f table topArticle no004.585.55
    Width: 10 ½ " (27 cm)Height: 3 ½ " (9 cm)Length: 28 ¼ " (72 cm)Weight: 47 lb 13 oz (21.70 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

47 1/4 " (120 cm)
27 1/2 " (70 cm)
Min. height: 
27 1/2 " (70 cm)
Max. height: 
47 1/4 " (120 cm)
Max. load: 
110 lb (50 kg)

Ratings and reviews

Great & cheapest standing deskGISELALove it for it’s simple & clean look and the size is also perfect.5
easy to assemble and veryRUBENeasy to assemble and very functional5
Exceeded my expectations. Worth theBonnieExceeded my expectations. Worth the price.5
Good value for moneyVincentGood value for money. Much cheaper than the ones with a motor and the build quality of the desk is good.4
Easy to build.MtlDaveRelatively easy to install and feels solid. The metal components are in a very heavy box. Make sure you have a strong friend or a helper to get it in your abode without injury.5
perfectJJJJJJJKKKKI like it, I brought two one for my child and one for myself, it’s nice for all ages5
Love this deskOttawa girl1000Its sturdy, looks good, works good. The manual crank does take a little time but it moves easy.5
Perfect Computer Station /Crafts desk/ Piano standbasu008I owned one since last 5 years and this was my second purchase. Best Value for money. Very sturdy. Can support in two 27 inch monitors and a laptop easily. Aptly sized. Quickly can switch heights to do crafts with my child (or) play the 5-Octave Keyboard. Manual operation is smooth. Adding a little bit of grease on the lever makes it ultra smooth5
Sturdy and convenientHaochaosThe desk has a nice look, is easy to assemble and is sturdy. Love it!5
Good feature adjustable heightFrank WongExcellent desk with manual adjustable heigh. I believe manual is better than power.5
Sab58sbEn télétravail, ce bureau à chaque change ciel!5
Seriously delivery delayScientistI do not find a place to comment on estimated delivery date being seriously delayed and decided to place this comment with item needed.1
Sturdy desk and easy assemblySDC84Bought this in May 2020. Amazingly wash to set up- keep in mind the base is the same for both large and small table tops- make sure you build the table base according the width/size of your chosen table top. Super sturdy, I can lean on it, rest my arms on it and it will not tilt. No mechanical issues- it’s a simple hand crank and It goes up high enough for anyone 6 feet and even taller to use as a standing desk. My laptop and other items haven’t toppled over but I also don’t over load it. I bought the smaller size due to my condo being small and will use this as a work station and dining/bar table.5
Excellent, affordable Sit/Stand DeskCalvin FThe company where I work has recently transitioned everyone to electrically motorized Sit/Stand desks and everyone loves them. When we were instructed to work from home due to the COVID situation, I realized how much I missed my desk so I was happily surprised to see this one sold at Ikea for such a reasonable price. It comes in two large (but light) package containing the table top, and a smaller (heavier) package containing all the parts for the frame and legs. It was surprisingly easy to assemble...I guess it helped that I also have the Ikea power screwdriver. After I had assembled it, I found it a bit wobbly, but once I manually tightened each bolt, it became really sturdy and solid. Overall, it probably took me between 30-45 minutes to fully assemble. I am very happy with it so far (granted, it's only been 2 days). It's very sturdy and solid...the metal frame seems really strong. When I use the crank, it vibrates a bit but that might be because I'm cranking with gusto. I highly recommend this for people who work at a desk for hours on end and would like to stand from time to time and who are looking for a more affordable version of the ones that you see on Wayfair etc.5
Great functionalityTorontoGibbonWe purchased the older model when it was possible to buy only the legs, and got a different table top (a heavy, natural wood) and we drilled the holes to fit it ourselves. This desk is the best. It's got tons of space. The hand-crank option works wonderfully (though the computer monitor rocks a bit when we wind it up or down, it's not so jerky that anything falls over). Because we installed our own table top we were able to easily drill holes to hang a small wire basket underneath to store a couple electronics and notepaper. Minimalist, beautiful, and will last forever (2 years + so far, and it seems very sturdy!).5
Made of cardboard?RG7606Great size, and the mechanism is fine once you apply a bit of oil, but I dropped a coffee cup from about 10 inches up, and it put a hole in the top of my brand new desk. Perfectly in the middle of my workspace, making sketching a real pain, and requiring a wood filler repair job. Possibly a production anomaly because the rest seems OK, but I was really disappointed that such a small impact could do such big damage to a work surface.2
Great simple sit-stand deskRobMontrealOrdered on-line for delivery - received quickly. Installation was simple and is feasible if you are by yourself. Only comment - i wish the guide would have explained clearly (with dimensions) which install to follow for which table top width (include the size explicitly - 120cm or 160cm width). Choosing wrong might require redoing many steps... I've only used it for 2 days so no comment on durability - but so far works as advertised. Seems well built. I was hoping to get the beige (woodfinish) version but it was not in stock. The white one is very basic and looks nice.5
Nice desk but maybe they sent the wrong colour?kholmes111I got this last week to work from home during self isolation. The sit stand feature is great! But I ordered the beige colour thinking it would look like the image in the photos but it is a light grey colour on top with the brown plywood look on the sides. Should have just ordered all white. I'm not too picky so I will keep it but it is not what I was expecting at all.4
If it worked, would probably be good.Alex0321I purchased the beige/white SKARSTA online on Sunday March 15, 2020. The model I received was grey on top (bleh), and the sit/stand functionality doesn't work. There's two metal rods that insert into either leg, that are turned by the hand-crank. These rods don't line up (or where they insert into the desk legs doesn't line up). As a result, when using the hand crank, only one leg goes up. I would avoid purchasing until you can be sure you're going to get the newer model, as I've called (on hold for 1 hour+ until system just hung up on me), and emailed Ikea Customer Service with no luck.1
SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "

Gray and beige are sometimes accused of being dull colors. Not to us. We think they’re timeless nuances that fit many homes and offices. And did you know they are colors that are kind to your eyes? At least if you spend many and long hours on the computer.

“When we develop work furniture, we always involve ergonomic experts. One challenge we’ve had is to figure out what color of desk is best if you work a lot on the computer. Especially if you also have to peek at your phone several times per hour – a reality I think many of us recognize”, says Anthony Rotman, Product Developer.

Look out for your friends

When the eyes shift focus from the computer screen to the phone and then back to the computer again, they have to adapt to different backgrounds and contrasts. One way to get around the problem is to have a desk in a neutral tone. “There’s no absolute answer to which color is best; it depends on what you prefer and what type of work you do. But, if you often experience that your eyes become tired and already have tried with an extra cup of coffee, there’s a good chance that a work desk in more muted colors can help”, tips Anthony.

Squint less for less headache

There are other details that can make the workday a little easier. A low-gloss surface can for example help to reduce glare. “Just like contrasts, glare can be straining to the eyes. It makes us squint, and when we do that for a long time, it’s not uncommon that a headache comes knocking”, says Anthony. From an evolutionary perspective, our bodies haven’t had the time to adjust to long hours with different digital screens. “The good news is that small, thought-out details that don’t cost a fortune, can make a huge difference in our daily work – and improve our health and well-being in the long run.”

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What is constructed board?

We use constructed boards when manufacturing many of our pieces of furniture, such as tables and wardrobes. They are light and resource-efficient, yet still stable and strong. Each board has a frame made of chipboard, fibreboard or solid wood, while the inside is a honeycomb filling structure made of mostly recycled paper, which is extra durable thanks to its special construction. The board is then covered with a protective paint, foil or veneer depending on the style wanted.

Desk sit/stand, white47 1/4x27 1/2 " (120x70 cm)

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SKARSTA Desk sit/stand, white, 47 1/4x27 1/2 "