SJÖRAPPORT Cold smoked salmon, ASC certified/frozen

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Scandinavia's cold seas and responsible fishing define the SJÖRAPPORT series. This salmon is slowly cold-smoked and great to serve with sauce and boiled potatoes, in a wrap or as a buffet or starter dish.

Article Number803.600.22

Product details

Defrost and serve cold with various dishes. Great with boiled potatoes and mustard and dill sauce. Also perfect as a buffet dish, as starter or in a wrap with mushrooms and herbs to eat on an excursion.

The slow process of cold-smoking salmon gives the meat a smoky flavor and a firm and slightly oily texture making it easy to cut in thin slices.

This product has met the ASC's global standard for responsibly farmed seafood.

At Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, cold smoked salmon is a must on Swedish dining tables. Without salmon, there is no real Swedish celebration – but the popular fish is also enjoyed for everyday meals.

Article Number803.600.22
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Net weight: 7.1 oz (200 g)

    Cold smoked salmonArticle no803.600.22

    Width: 7 ½ " (19 cm)

    Height: ½ " (1 cm)

    Length: 10 ¾ " (27 cm)

    Weight: 8 oz (0.23 kg)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Great tasteSANDEEPGreat taste5
Was easy to fasten toKENTWas easy to fasten to table! Works well with existing legs5
Love it part of myMARITALove it part of my Easter food . Taste very good ! Please bring more Swedish food In . Miss all the baking that you used to have . And the scalloped potatoes was awesome! Looking forward to see more authentic Swedish food on the shelves. Thank you5
Meh...DIANEWasn't awful but wasn't that great eather. No delicate taste smoked salmon like we produce in Canada1
Great qualityCalGreat quality5
Very tasty!SHIRLEYVery tasty!5
Smoked salmonSareenaAlways have these in the freezer to complete a leisurely weekend breakfast.5
Great texture and flavour. NotLauraGreat texture and flavour. Not “fishy” as some are.5
SjorapportTerranceExcellent product and good value for entertaining.5
Yummy you have to tryTrishaYummy you have to try this if you love smoked salmon.5
Good fishveronicaGood fish5
Smoked Salmon.ARLETTEThe smoked salmon slices are my favorite. Tried them in a wrap with cream cheese spread dill and very fine slices of pickles. Yummy. Even my 9 year old grandson totally love them. Extra bonus :)5
Very delicious.JANEI often buy this product. Fish is always fresh and delicious.2
Highly recommended!!PHOEBEThis item is high quality and really yummy. Recently, my family and I eat it everyday. We have never gotten tired of it. We use it to make variety of sandwiches ,begals and salads. It is good with different types of cheese spread and mayo, and it is also good with any vegetables, especially avocados 🥑.5
SalmonTammyI buy 2-4 packages at a time! Love the flavour and the price!5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Responsibly sourced salmon

As many wild fish stocks decline we believe that fish farming is part of the solution. All IKEA salmon comes from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified farms. That way, the salmon feed is more sustainable, the fish are protected from disease with no or little need for chemicals and antibiotics, and the farms minimize their impact on the local environment. Above all, the more farmed fish we eat, the more wild seafood is available for generations to come.

SJÖRAPPORT Cold smoked salmon, ASC certified/frozen

Serving up Scandinavian seafood dishes

The icy salt waters of Scandinavia have provided nutritious and tasty seafood for countless generations. Salmon and shrimp feature in traditional dishes throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Today, we’re working to share these tasty traditions with the world, while helping to protect the future of our oceans and its sea life for many generations to come.

Take salmon for example. Together with our suppliers, we’ve helped pioneer responsible practices and standards for salmon farming around the world. Our suppliers use energy and waste-efficient facilities, traceable and responsibly sourced feed, and farming methods proven to decrease environmental impact – all this while securing food quality. They’re also partnering with environmental NGOs to continuously improve the efficiency and impact of their work.

Influencing change

Since 2015 all IKEA salmon and shrimp are Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, which means it meets strict social and environmental standards. “IKEA was involved with creating standards for responsible fish farming from the beginning,” says Hans-Fredrik Pedersen, who works with one of our salmon suppliers. “IKEA has the power and the will to make changes for a better future. When it comes to environmental responsibility, other companies can learn from them.”

Offering the world Scandinavian classics

“It's truly been rewarding to be a part of IKEA serving these Scandinavian-style dishes all over the world,” Hans-Fredrik says. “We are very happy to have been a part of that journey.” We want our salmon and shrimp to be more than simply good-tasting seafood. For us, it is about offering our customers something that will make them feel good inside.

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Function solution

From cold waters

Join us beneath the surface and discover the flavors of the sea. The SJÖRAPPORT series offers a wide range of salmon and shrimp products alongside glistening seaweed pearls made from algae harvested from the sea bed. All farming, fishing and harvesting of IKEA seafood takes great care not to disturb the sensitive marine ecosystems. That’s our contribution to protecting seafood supplies for generations to come. Great news for lovers of oceans and seafood.