SEKTION / FÖRVARA High cab w door/3 fronts/5 drawers, white/Hittarp off-white, 18x24x80 "

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Cabinet code SE H1D3E2I*FÖRVARA drawer can be pulled out to ¾ of its total depth and has plenty of storage space.The door can be mounted to open to the left or right.Sturdy frame construction, ¾" thick.You can customize spacing as needed, because the shelves are adjustable.Snap-on hinges can be mounted onto the door without screws, and you can easily remove the door for cleaning.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.The hinge is adjustable in height, depth and width.Requires a knob or a handleLegs and plinth are sold separately.Designer

Ebba Strandmark/IKEA of Sweden

  • Door/ drawer front
    Fiberboard, Acrylic paint, Polyester paint
    High cabinet frame
    Frame:Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging
    Back:Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    Drawer, low/ drawer, medium
    Drawer back/ Drawer side/ Runners:Steel, Epoxy powder coating
    Drawer bottom:Particleboard, Melamine foil, Melamine foil
    Front fixing:Polyamide
    Wheel:Acetal plastic
    Drawer front, medium
    Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    Particleboard, Melamine foil, Polypropylene
    Hinge w b-in damper for kitchen
    Steel, Nickel plated
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Use only water or a non-abrasive detergent.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • This product comes as 15 packages.
    HITTARPDoorArticle no:502.663.75
    Width: 18 ½ " (47 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 53 ½ " (136 cm)Weight: 17 lb 14 oz (8.10 kg)Package(s): 1
    HITTARPDrawer frontArticle no:202.663.91
    Width: 5 " (13 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 22 " (56 cm)Weight: 1 lb 12 oz (0.80 kg)Package(s): 1
    HITTARPDrawer frontArticle no:602.663.89
    Width: 10 " (26 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 22 " (56 cm)Weight: 3 lb 14 oz (1.75 kg)Package(s): 1
    HITTARPDrawer frontArticle no:402.663.90
    Width: 15 ½ " (40 cm)Height: ¾ " (2 cm)Length: 21 ½ " (55 cm)Weight: 5 lb 5 oz (2.40 kg)Package(s): 1
    SEKTIONHigh cabinet frameArticle no:002.654.44
    Width: 24 " (61 cm)Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)Length: 84 " (214 cm)Weight: 100 lb 1 oz (45.40 kg)Package(s): 1
    FÖRVARADrawer, lowArticle no:902.620.64
    Width: 17 " (43 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 22 ¼ " (56 cm)Weight: 9 lb 8 oz (4.30 kg)Package(s): 1
    FÖRVARADrawer, mediumArticle no:402.620.47
    Width: 17 " (43 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 22 ¼ " (56 cm)Weight: 10 lb 5 oz (4.68 kg)Package(s): 4
    UTRUSTADrawer front, mediumArticle no:102.656.36
    Width: 6 ¾ " (17 cm)Height: ½ " (2 cm)Length: 17 " (43 cm)Weight: 1 lb 11 oz (0.76 kg)Package(s): 2
    UTRUSTAShelfArticle no:202.655.32
    Width: 16 ½ " (42 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 23 " (59 cm)Weight: 13 lb 6 oz (6.08 kg)Package(s): 1
    UTRUSTAHinge w b-in damper for kitchenArticle no:104.272.62
    Width: 8 ¾ " (22 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 10 ¼ " (26 cm)Weight: 15 oz (0.43 kg)Package(s): 2

Product size

18 " (45.6 cm)
System, depth: 
24 " (61 cm)
24 3/4 " (62.8 cm)
Frame, height: 
80 " (203.2 cm)


Nice kitchen cabinet.SteveandjodiI hope IKEA reads these. The main thing to know is that the instructions provided are generic and not specific to this model. This model has a large bottom drawer then a medium drawer then a low profile or small drawer. In the medium drawer instructions on the section it shows you to in install the lower medium drawer, use those and make sure to make you own screw holes between holes 3 and 4. Now the trick here is that you have to REPEATE the bottom drawer instructions for the medium size second drawer in regards to the holes to use in the cabinet walls. You have to make your own again about 15 holes above the first set. Don’t use the pre-made holes until you get to the small drawer. Lastly when you make the pilot holes for the screws that the cross bars click onto for the inside drawers, make sure to drill them out. If you just use a punch like it says the top corners of the drawers will split. Once it is finally together it does look pretty good. It does not have knobs or handles so you pull everything open by grabbing the edge. Those with motor control impairments would better to get a design with handles. Lastly it does not tell you to order the “Plith” when you order it. It tells you to older the feet but you need to order the Plith too which covers the feet from sight.4
Great kitchen cupboard!Susan018We bought this for our kitchen and it provides so much storage! We are very happy with the new kitchen we put in!5
PantryTky52Love the accessibility of getting things drawers are great for small appliances that are not used to often. Very happy with it and was not to hard to put together watched YouTube videos on how to install an IKEA kitchen was well worth the time to to watch very informative5
Well engineered and easy to installDusty123This was one of 16 cabinets I bought to replace/renew our kitchen. IKEA cabinets are easy to assemble using their instructions. The rail system to hang cabinets makes alignment simple. The finishing pieces such as legs, toe kicks etc. adds to the final look and finish. The people in the kitchen department were very helpful and design tools useful.5
Katnapvery happy with our new Ikea kitchen cabinets overall, just a couple of quirks that the salespeople should have been more aware of during the design process, like adding a spacing panel between cabinets and appliance doors.5
Kitchen pantry is perfectFrank the tankUsed for pantry on a kitchen Reno Assembly instructions are very vague We assembled drawer placement wrong at first and had dismantle and rebuild a real pain Value for your money is so so considering you have build it from a flat pack Standing theses up in an 8 foot ceiling height is difficult then adding the legs requires a few people to do it safely4
Perfect for Tupperware and lidsKarrenGreat cupboards, look good!5
Amod2017I bough two months ago and works great5

High cab w door/3 fronts/5 drawers, white/Hittarp off-white18x24x80 " (46x61x203 cm)

Legs and plinth are sold separately.
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SEKTION / FÖRVARA High cab w door/3 fronts/5 drawers, white/Hittarp off-white, 18x24x80 "