RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray
RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray
RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray
RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray
RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray
RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray

Use one or several of baskets together to gather and organize small items on your shelves or in your drawers. The soft felt gives a nice quality feeling that looks great just about anywhere in the home.

Article Number903.480.15

Product details

Perfect for everything from smaller items to clothes.You can decide the height of the basket yourself by folding the edges. The folded edge also makes a handy lip for pulling out the basket.Sizes: 2 pcs 7½x5x7" and 1 pc 10x10x7".Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number903.480.15
  • Main parts:100 % polyester (100% recycled)
    Loop:100 % polyester
    Hand wash cold, 86°F (30°C).Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron low.Line dry.
  • RAGGISARBasket, set of 3Article no903.480.15
    Width: 7 ¼ " (19 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 11 ½ " (30 cm)Weight: 9 oz (0.25 kg)Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Pity it"s not in a wipe-clean materialvaxineI like that this can be squeezed to fit, but I'd like it better if I could wipe it clean. A rip-stop nylon or something similar (like the material for the shopping bags) would be so much more practical!!!3
Sam0524These work great! They are perfect for the shelving unit in my kitchen.5
3 basket setcdmvLarge basket is too big and floppy. The other two being smaller, stay upright better. Great price.3
Perfect knitting project binsFriendly knitterI have purchased these several times and love them. They are perfect for transferring and storing knitting projects. I have recommended them to others in my knitting group and most have also purchased them.5
StorageOlleogreat for storing smaller items5
Perfect toiletry and makeup organizerBonnie008Well worth the price, and versatile product.5
cute and functionalarchbangI really like these little baskets. They were a great price and I especially like the size of the smaller baskets and that you can choose the height you need. Having it folded over definitely helps them keep their shape though. I have one on my coffee table that perfectly holds 2 game controllers and the tv remote, keeps them accessible but looking a bit tidier. I like that they are soft and the neutral tones match a variety of environments. I'm tempted to buy some more to organize all sorts of things!5
Excellent drawer organizerScooter375Perfect for keeping everything from getting all cluttered in the junk drawer5
VersitileCleespringThese are so handy, it's great that they are flexible and can be folder down to adjust the hight.5
Perfect Small Organizationecg96These baskets are great for travelling storage. They hang beautifully, and are perfect for organizing small items. I bought them for my in progress knitting projects to keep them from taking over my desk and couch, and they're great!5
jovigirlPerfect for those odds & ends you always need to store5
Fun & multi-functionalMaddaseverIf you are challenged by folding small things so that they all stand perfectly upright, easily visible and quickly accessible (a la Marie Kondo), these felt baskets are a great solution for socks, etc.5
RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray

A stress-free morning starts with the chest

Messy drawers lead to both stress and frustration for many people so how can we create order and make things easier to find in a drawer? How can the inside look just as good as the outside of the chest of drawers? Product Developer Karolina Ringefelt found both the problem and the solution in all homes that she's visited over the years.

'Show me drawer and I can tell you who you are'. Well, maybe a drawer with just socks and underwear doesn’t tell you a lot about someone. But the fact that there are great differences in how people structure drawer contents is something Karolina Ringefelt can easily acknowledge. She's seen a lot of drawers when visiting the homes of customers all over the world, both in her previous job as an interior designer and in her current role where she develops new products for IKEA. "It's exciting, regardless of where or how people live, as most have exactly the same things in their drawers,” says Karolina. "It’s underwear, socks, t-shirts, and shirts. But how people fold – or don't fold – their clothes varies and often depends on tradition and their surroundings".

Messiness which causes frustration

Karolina has seen many smart solutions and systems for keeping things organized in drawers. In some homes, people sort based on color, in other homes based on material or style. In the American city Philadelphia she visited a college guy who just bought white sport socks."By doing this, he could always fish up a pair of matching socks even though they were all jumbled up in the drawer". But Karolina also understood how frustrating it is for many people when they don't manage to keep things organized – when the drawer's inside just feels chaotic since everything is just lying in a mess. Morning routines take too long when people need to look for matching socks (unless they've gone with the 'only white sports socks' strategy). These insights triggered the product developer in her: how could IKEA help people to organize their drawers in a better way?

Everything in its place

Almost immediately Karolina and her colleagues knew that they wanted to develop something that divides and separates the space in the drawer so that each item can have its dedicated place. "In Asia I've seen many examples of how people divide a drawer into smaller sections using boxes and compartments. But they're often made of hard plastic and are not very flexible, which means they can't make use of the entire space". The work culminated in RAGGISAR – soft boxes, adjustable dividers, and various compartments that can be stacked on top of each other. All in the same pressed felt material that gives a nice textile feel which is also ideal for storing clothes. "The flexibility is important so that people can combine them how they like and create their own optimized drawers", explains Karolina.

The result was just what Karolina and her team had hoped for. So does this mean that she will stop peeking into people's drawers and wardrobes? "No, no, that project is something I’ll never finish. People's lifestyles and storage needs change all the time. We want to keep up and always be able to contribute to making everyday life a little easier and more organized".

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Basket, set of 3, gray

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RAGGISAR Basket, set of 3, gray