PÅTÅR Ground coffee, medium roast, Uganda/100 % Arabica beans/UTZ certified/organic

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A single-origin, certified sustainable Arabica coffee from the lush, mountainous White Nile region in Uganda. 8,000 smallholder farmers proudly offer a fruity brew with notes of chocolate and vanilla.

Article Number103.945.77

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Fresh and fruity medium roast with notes of chocolate and vanilla. An extraordinary single-origin coffee with a unique story to tell.

Premium coffee with a purpose. IKEA and Ugandan coffee farmers growing together through business, not charity. Every cup matters.

Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and the planet.

UTZ certified coffee: ensures sustainable farming standards and fair conditions for workers.

You can easily check the origin of the coffee beans by visiting www.utz.org/IKEA.

Article Number103.945.77
  • All coffee served and sold in the IKEA store is organic and UTZ certified. This means better opportunities for coffee farmers, their families and our planet. Trace your coffee beans: www.utz.org/IKEA.


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  • PÅTÅRArticle Number103.945.77

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Ratings and reviews

Smooth ... too many coffees are sharp to the tongueSTUARTThis is nice coffee. On special good value ... at normal price just a little high.4
PåtårCecilia H.Coffee like home, in Sweden5
Decent CoffeeALCoffee from Uganda is suppose to be really good, and with the price of coffee increasing so much recently the price point is what attracted me.4
A nice robust coffee. IMICHAELA nice robust coffee. I would highly recommend it to others5
My favourite coffeeERINLove the deep rich flavour, and that it’s low acid. My favourite IKEA coffee!5
CoffeeViolet P.This is really good coffee. I really enjoyed it. It's very smooth tasting. I will definitely buy it again5
Excellent coffeeDAVIDExcellent coffee5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

People and communities

Coffee with a ripple effect

To develop PÅTÅR single-origin coffee we joined a social business project in Uganda. Through this cooperation we buy coffee beans from about 8,500 different farmers. Since the project started, the number of women farmers has increased. And more families have got better possibilities to expand their businesses. Another plus is that more parents are able to pay tuition fees for their children. This shows that your choice of coffee can make a big difference outside your kitchen.

PÅTÅR Ground coffee, medium roast, Uganda/100 % Arabica beans/UTZ certified/organic

PÅTÅR Uganda Coffee

PÅTÅR single-origin coffee consists of 100% hand-picked Arabica beans from the White Nile region in Uganda. But, the perhaps most interesting thing about this coffee is that it gives ripple effects. For every sip you take, the farmers that grow the coffee are financially and socially empowered.

The White Nile region is mountainous part of Uganda that provides a perfect setting for the Arabica bean. At IKEA we have teamed up with a social business project that buys the beans directly from about 8,500 farmers in the surrounding villages. Through the partnership, the farmers are supported with training in sustainable farming techniques and education in health, gender equality and economics. And it has paid off.

Coffee that’s better for farmers and customers

But UTZ certification was just the beginning. “Building on UTZ we also wanted our beans to be organically grown, meaning without the use of fertilizers and pesticides,” says Jacqueline Macalister, responsible for health and sustainability at IKEA Food. “This means healthier soils and less impact on the climate. Also, farmers are paid more for organic crops. That way they improve their livelihood while at the same time they’re safeguarding the environment.”

Quality beans for a quality taste

Only 100% Arabica beans, the species widely considered top notch for taste, are used in IKEA coffee. Add that to an overall quality improvement of each bean and you get a tastier cup every time. PÅTÅR is Swedish for a second cup of coffee. Something we hope you and your friends will be happily asking for.

Equality and better harvests

Since the project started, there has been a rise of women farmers in the region. There are now villages where women own up to 60% of the plots. Celina Amonditho, one of the farmers, tells that her farm has grown from 314 to 1,140 coffee plants in a few years. “Coffee is very important to us. We enjoy drinking coffee together, and it’s also our principal source of income”, she says.

Fewer steps from bean to cup

Celina and the other farmers sell their beans directly to a production facility close to their fields. It cuts out a few middle-men and means that there are only four steps from this lush part of Uganda to your coffee cup. It also means more money for the people who actually grow and nurture the beans.

Brighter future for families

With better incomes, more farmers can now pay tuition fees for their children. And more young people want to get back to farming after having finished school. That if anything is a sign that things are going in the right direction – and that your choice of morning coffee can make a big difference.

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From Uganda with love

If you are looking for a pure and refined taste sensation in your cup of brew, our single-origin PÅTÅR medium-roast coffee is your pick. Its fine Arabica beans are infused with flavor from the place where they were grown – the White Nile region in Uganda. Volcanic soils, abundant sunshine and rainfall, and just the right altitude. These growing conditions and the skills of thousands of White Nile smallholder farmers give this coffee a truly unique character.

Form design process

From bean to perfect brew

A coffee’s character comes mainly from the type of bean, its growing conditions and the roast. Get it right and magic happens. Coffee specialist Marti Jansen helped create our single-origin PÅTÅR coffee. “The soil and climate in the White Nile region of Uganda infuse the Arabica beans with unique flavors. To bring them out, I chose a medium to light roast. The taste is exceptional. Aromatic, sweet and mildly fruity, with notes of chocolate and vanilla."