LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick and mix candy

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Make a personal mix of goodies. Choose your favorite kind only, one of each, or go crazy mixing any way you please – they all have the same price per pound.
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    Width: 7 ½ " (19 cm)Height: 4 ½ " (12 cm)Length: 11 ¼ " (28 cm)Weight: 7 lb 1 oz (3.21 kg)Package(s): 1

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35.3 oz (1000 g)


Expensive and not freshAndrea83CI happened be in ikea today and decided to buy some bulk candy so I didn't have to run around to other stores and boy was that a mistake! First of all, it seemed VERY expensive for a tiny little bag, but I was in a pinch for a project and figured it's already in the bag so whatever, I'll just buy it. I got home to separate it into bags for my kids and some of the candies were hard and stale. I tried 3 of them and I couldn't even bite through one of them! I can't give this to my kids, they'll crack their teeth! I saw one of the workers putting in new candies in the bins, but they probably leave all the old stale ones there for who knows how long.1
Quick treatNic019Kids usually get a few treats to occupy themselves while we walk through the store; There was a very limited selection & a few seemed a bit stale2

Go crazy mixing

Lördagsgodis, Saturday sweets, is a well-known term to all Swedes. Naturally, candy can be enjoyed any day, but many Swedes limit it to Saturdays in celebration of the weekend. The pick and mix way of buying candy is very popular. In Sweden, it’s seen in all grocery stores and in many other places as well. This way, you can make a personal mix of goodies. Choose only your favorite, one of each, or go crazy mixing however you please – all candy has the same price per pound.


Remember that these goods are unpacked, and substances you are intolerant to can be transferred from nearby products.

Pick and mix candy

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LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick and mix candy


$22.90/ 2.205 lb