KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "
KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "

Wipe your shoes on recycled PET bottles. We use polyester from about 6 PET bottles to make this doormat. Using waste as a resource takes us one step closer to a more sustainable future.

Article Number903.924.52

Product details

Easy to keep clean - just vacuum or shake the door mat.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Use surface:100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)
    Backing:Synthetic rubber
    Hand wash warm water.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Vacuum and shake the doormat regularly.
  • The polyester in this product is made of recycled PET-bottles, therefore reducing consumption of new raw materials and lowering the footprint on the environment.
  • KRISTRUPDoor matArticle no:903.924.52
    Width: 13 ¾ " (35 cm)Height: ¼ " (1 cm)Length: 21 ¾ " (55 cm)Weight: 5 oz (0.15 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

1 ' 10 " (55 cm)
1 ' 2 " (35 cm)
2.05 sq feet (0.19 m²)


this is to small itREBEKAHthis is to small it does not fit for what I want2
Mini CarpetPY123Size is perfect for my car and in great price.4
Can"t beat the price!PasopasoWell for 99 cents how can you go wrong. Perfect for in front of patio door inside and out. Doesn't look overly cheap. Vacuum up well and look pretty decent.3
Great little carpetbc101works well in front of the litter box and I already washed it 2 times5
Good matKeemanoI m happy with this mat Doesn’t slip on tiles4
RisayWe find this doormat slippery on wooden floor. Almost slipped twice.2
Oddly enough, perfect for my cat.Son22For some reason, my cat loves this thing, so I don't use it as a door mat. It just sits in a corner for my cat. It's her favourite place to sit and play with her toys. Sometimes she uses it as a scratching mat. She also likes to play a game where her toys are hidden under the mat and she has to get them out. Soooo this door mat is actually a cat's play mat in my house. :)5
Kristrup door matNorth van fanBought these two years ago for our boat. They still work great. And bought them this year to put inside the Besta unit we use as storage for shoes and boots. Fits perfectly.5
Perfect for small spacesUnphilosophizeI live in a small apartment and often forget to take my shoes off when I get home. This is the perfect size for two pairs of shoes and fits really nicely in the corner in my entry way. It has really contained the salt and winter mess well!5
KRISTRUP Door Materizen1216We bought this a couple weeks ago, and it does the job! There are non-slip tracks on the underside of this product which proves useful when entering and exiting the house.4
Perfect mat for bigger plantPolyVonI place one under each bigger plant.4
Works GreatSueg2These mats are well priced for the job they provide. Fit nicely in the back of my SUV and keep it clean. For .99/mat, you can't ask for more.5
Great door matGolfer2We bought several of these mats because they are very versatile and easy to clean. The price is a great value as well.5
Small MatmomsieI bought this on a whim as it was inexpensive but I found it to be a bit small and thin. So, I find that unless you have a specific area to use it in, it's not very practical.3
Merry KRISTRUPJuno BFantastic product. It looks great, feels great and the value pricing is simply amazing. Fabric(for lack of a better term) feels more soft than coarse so my decision to buy 4(considering the price). I use it as an inside front door mat, balcony door mat(inside), doubles as a foot rug by my bed and one in the bathroom. The only negative is I should have bought more. Highly recommended.5
Small MatB1b2Brought it for porch. It’s pretty small but works ok5
Door MatsScroogeI consider this a disappointing replacement to your previous mats with rounded edges.2
Door matPeachezVery poor quality. Whether i keep it in floor or carpet ot keeps slipping away. In fact dangerous in a way that one can slip if kept om the floor . Threw it out qitjonv a week1
donotwanttoleavenameI only picked this up cause on the website it seemed alot bigger than I thought it was1

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Wipe your shoes on recycled PET bottles

To us, waste is a resource. Like when we use polyester from recycled PET bottles for our door mats. The mats do everything we think door mats should do. Keep your floors clean. Have smart functions like anti-slip backings. They can take wear and tear and are easy to keep clean by just wiping off or hosing down. At the same time, they’re a climate-smart choice that takes us one step closer to a more sustainable future.

Door mat, dark blue1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 " (35x55 cm)

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KRISTRUP Door mat, dark blue, 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 "