KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen
KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen
KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen
KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen
KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen
KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen
KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen

This ergonomic pillow is made of memory foam topped with a gel layer that gives you a cool, soothing sleep surface. This means you sleep comfortably all night without waking up feeling hot and clammy.

Article Number504.461.07

Product details

An ergonomic pillow with two types of comfort; cushioning foam on one side and a cooling gel on the other.The memory foam cradles your head, neck and shoulders, relieving pressure and tension. It maintains an even temperature and has small holes in the core, so air can circulate and wick away moisture.The gel layer gives a cool, soothing sleep surface.Both the memory foam and the gel layer are made of the same material, but have different densities which give them different characteristics.This ergonomic pillow is suitable for all sleeping preferences.The soft fabric cover breathes and wicks away moisture.Easy to keep clean and fresh since you can machine wash the removable cover.Fits Queen size pillowcases.May be completed with a pillow protector to help extend the life of your pillow. It also gives your ergonomic pillow the same shape as a regular pillow, without compromising on the ergonomic benefits.This product is flammability tested in accordance to standard CAN/CGSB 4.2 No 27.5 and meets the requirement of flame spread time ≥7.1 sec.This product is flammability tested and complies with standard EN ISO 12952-1.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Top fabric:51.5 % polyethylene, 48.5 % polyester (100% recycled)
    Back fabric:99 %polyester, 1% elastane
    Filling:Polyurethane memory foam
    Piping/ Inner fabric:100 % polyester
    PillowDo not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
    Pillow coverMachine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Tumble dry, low, normal cycle.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • KLUBBSPORREErgonomic pillow, multi positionArticle no:504.461.07
    Width: 18 " (46 cm)Height: 5 " (13 cm)Length: 27 ½ " (70 cm)Weight: 4 lb 11 oz (2.12 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

18 " (46 cm)
28 " (70 cm)
5 " (13 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Would I recommend this productPATRICIAWould I recommend this product to anyone? Yes and No, depending on each one’s needs...4
Confortable pillow but not great coolingYazmineThe cooling feature only works if you don't use a pillowcase and for someone that easily sweats and wants an added protection to the pillow in addition to the pillowcase, the cool feeling can't be felt through.4
The foam is nice, cooling part I don"t feel itGuyWhoWantsCoolPillowI bought this about 2 weeks ago, the foam is nice. Comfortable for multiple positions. The cooling gel part - not so much. You can feel cooling may be somewhatif you don't use covers, as soon as you put even one cover on, the cooling feel is gone. I would recommend for comfort, not for cooling.3
Comfy PillowDanii27Very soft pillow. Great to sleep on and don’t get neck pains.5
Cool and cozyAprilN78I bought this a couple of weeks ago and am very happy5
Perfect!KaitlynValerieI bought this pillow for my boyfriend who has a bad back. I was skeptical it wouldn’t work well but he is loving it and has a great nights sleep on it! He also sweats a lot when he sleeps and the cooking side has helped with this! Great product5
Good Pillow5sleepingbeautyI bought this pillow with low expectations and I think it's working out pretty well. I don't wake up with a sweaty head. the firmness is great. The one thing that could make it better is making it a bit thicker, I find it a little too low and have another pillow propping it up.4
Great PillowBee PillowI’m very happy bought this pillow! I slept very well everynight!5
Pilllow that I"ve been looking for!Sarah DavidSo I've been planning for so long to buy the perfect pillow, it seems that most pillow for me are all marketing. So I couldn't decide to buy which one. I came to Ikea to purchase something else but ended up buying this amazing pillow. It has cold feel to it because of the gel that come with it and perfect for my neck issues. It takes couple of nights to adjust and now that my body is used to it. Good night sleep is the real review here!!! No pain at all! You will never go back to those cheap 8$ pillows. Definately worth it!5
SidesleeperI am very disappointed in this pillow. It is not comfortable for me- too hard.1
Perfect pillow thank youCharyI bought this pillow a couple weeks ago it is fantastic it is so comfortable and I love it the only thing is they don’t Make the one specific for side sleepers but I still really enjoyed it4
Not so ergonomicSeretrebeI found it too hard, I tried for one night and had to return it.1
nice pillowIkeayesNot much off gassing. Seems to work to support my neck.4
doesn"t stay cool very longToowarm123I bought 2 of these pillows 2 weeks ago after speaking with 2 different sales associates. I was looking for a comfortable pillow that stays cool all night. I'm very warm at night and I've been searching everywhere for a COLD pillow !! Both sales ladies recommended this type of pillow. The pillow does feel cool to the touch but once you're laying on it for a few minutes that cool feeling disappears. My husband really likes it ( he says it's very comfy ) but I only used mine for 3 nights(I didn't have a very good sleep any of those nights ) and took it off the bed. I'm now back to using my old pillow but at least I'm sleeping more than the previous 3 nights !!!3
Perfect supportbenasonPerfectly shaped pillow has fixed nigh time neck problems. I wake up pain free. No tossing and turning to get comfortable.5
No more sorenessMshoushaBest pillow I had for years . My neck is no longer sore5
EaanaIt’s Amazing Pillow; Specially when sleeping on my stomach5
GazzerbPresently the head and neck support is great5
queen size pillowPat112I had purchased about a month ago, cool gel on one side, memory foam on reverse. glad my pillow cases fit as it look like a rather big pillow.5

Function solution

One side is cooler than the other

It’s no secret that temperature affects the quality of our sleep. Feeling too hot at night is likely to disturb you and even wake you up. KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow has one side that maintains a cooler temperature, and an overall snug softness to keep your head, neck and shoulders loose and relaxed all night. Regardless of your body temperature or the temperature in your room, the pillow will retain its comfort.

Ergonomic pillow, multi positionQueen

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KLUBBSPORRE Ergonomic pillow, multi position, Queen