KAITUM Mirror with built-in light, battery operated, 7 7/8 "
KAITUM Mirror with built-in light, battery operated, 7 7/8 "
KAITUM Mirror with built-in light, battery operated, 7 7/8 "

Product details

One side with magnifying mirror.Suitable for use in high humidity areas since it is water-resistant.LED life approx. 20,000 hours.Lighting duration: Approx. 8 hours with alkaline AA batteries (LR6/1.5V) or approx. 5 hours with rechargeable AA batteries (Ni-MH/1.2V).One side of the mirror magnifies 3 times.Light color: warm white (3700 Kelvin).Do not expose to direct sunlight. The sunbeams may reflect in the mirror glass and ignite flammable material.Tested and approved for bathroom use.Batteries are sold separately, 4-AA size 1.5V (LR6) required.
  • Base/ Tube:Steel, Nickel plated
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • KAITUMMirror with built-in lightArticle no:002.781.49
    Width: 9 ¾ " (25 cm)Height: 5 " (13 cm)Length: 15 " (38 cm)Weight: 2 lb 5 oz (1.04 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

14 5/8 " (37 cm)
7 7/8 " (20 cm)


Not magnified enoughANGELANot magnified enough2
Light sucksOn13I bought this last year, didn’t use it much in the beginning because (I thought) the batteries were dead and just assumed i needed new ones- which i neglected to buy. Recently I bought brand new batteries, and had to switch them a couple times because the light turns off after 5s. It wasnt the batteries after all! Would highly recommend against!1
Watergirl7I bought this a week ago and both the built in light and the mirror work very well4
Just okAtlas112Light isn't very bright. You'll need furniture sliders for the bottom of you plan to slide on surface as base may scratch whatever surface base is resting on. Otherwise pretty ok.3
magnifyingQueenie2020good size mirror, little difficult to hold4
Good reflectionsErinThe mirror is lightweight, compact, and does exactly what I need it to do... let me see my face! The only criticism I would have is that it uses batteries rather than being rechargeable. I would be nice to not be wasting batteries as often.4
Terrible lightsarah301The height of the mirror is great and the mirror itself is a good size. But the builti-n light is terrible! It worked perfectly for a few days but from that point on the light would only stay on for 10 - 30 seconds. I have tried new batteries and the same thing occurs. It is extremely annoying.1
it was good for 2 weeks.uLivI bought this in the beginning of the month and we are on the 16th and it doesn’t work anymore. The light keeps on for seconds. Really bad.1
Good at first but went downhill..sad consumerI bought this over a month ago hoping to use it to apply makeup. It was great at first and had no problems. Unfortunately, the light is not bright enough and started to turn off after a couple weeks. Now it only works if I have the mirror at a certain angle which is a pain and not convenient at all. If the mirror is moved even a millimetre up or down, it turns off and I have to spend another five minutes finding that perfect angle. Very disappointed in this purchase to be frank. Wishing I had bought from somewhere else.2
Dim lightDr EevilThe light is very dim, does not really light up the face in an already lit room2
KC85I bought this mirror a month ago and very happy with the quality and low price point.4
Doesn’t workDekudo NOT buy!!! I bought this mirror over a year ago, and after about s month it started turning off automatically. Very frustrating. I bought a new one over a week ago, this one turns of after a second! Can’t use the light at all!!!! I don’t live near an Ikea, and it’s very out of my way to return it. I thought maybe the first one was defective but the second one is even worse. It’s a shame too because it would be perfect if it would actually work! I tried brand new batteries too.1
turn off automaticallykimzzzi boutght this a month ago, it started to turn off automatically since 1 week ago, just like everyone else's did. but i dont have the receipt ot package, i mean, who would keep them??? i don't think there's anything i can do with this!1
Great back-lit mirrorShopforitPerfectly simple and perfectly useful. The light is not too bright or too dim, it’s exactly what I need for applying makeup and manicuring my eyebrows.5
Great MirrorSceeLove this double sided mirror with magnification on one side5
Lighted MirrorTwinsMomx2I bought this mirror a few weeks ago and it's great! Exactly what I was looking for.4
Not enough magnificationKaty12345Well made and the light is great, but the magnification isn't strong enough. Unfortunately that was hard to tell in the store.3
Good mirrorShopper7I find the mirror is good quality, I just wish the mirror had a higher degree of magnification.4
GoodM ThérouxGood. Using it every day. I wish the light were a little brighter. Buying a second one soon for my daughter.4
Great for a teenage makeup guru!AliCar4My teen who has turned into a makeup guru finds this to be exactly what she needs for her daily routine!5

Mirror with built-in light, battery operated7 7/8 " (20 cm)

Batteries are sold separately, 4-AA size 1.5V (LR6) required.
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KAITUM Mirror with built-in light, battery operated, 7 7/8 "