INNER Inner cushion, white, 26x26 "
INNER Inner cushion, white, 26x26 "

Soft and cozy and bounces back into shape whether you’ve had it behind your back or under your head for extra support. Simply dress with a cover to match the season, style - or your mood.

Article Number902.671.27

Product details

Soft, resilient polyester filling holds its shape and gives your body soft support.The cushion is ideal to use when you read in bed as it covers your entire back.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number902.671.27
  • Fabric:100 % polypropylene
    Filling material:100 % polyester - hollow fiber (100% recycled)
    When used outdoors, the best way to extend the lifespan of your cushion or pad is to store it in a cool, dry place indoors or in a storage bag whenever not in use.Shrinkage maximum 4%.Machine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Tumble dry, low, normal cycle.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • No bleach is used.
  • INNERInner cushionArticle no902.671.27
    Length: 25 ½ " (65 cm)Weight: 1 lb 14 oz (0.85 kg)Diameter: 6 ½ " (16 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

26 " (65 cm)
26 " (65 cm)
Filling weight: 
23 oz (650 g)
Total weight: 
24 oz (685 g)

Ratings and reviews

Not full enoughDARLANeeds more filling, not full enough, pillow looks flat. Had to purchase two to fill the pillow case out.1
Much less fluffierAoThe one I recently brought(two weeks ago) is much less fluffier than my previous ones.1
The quality has definitely gone down.KristaThe material used to contain the stuffing is that thin, non-woven material that you can poke your finger through while putting the cover on. So next time you open the washable cover there is fluff everywhere. They need to use actual fabric for these.2
Good product for a great price!KimPurchased these for extra pillows on my bed. They fit the pillow shams perfectly and are very comfortable.5
A bit flimsyDanaNot enough stuffing, I am going to have to use two in each pillowcase to get the stiffness required for such a large pillow2
This is good for theIsauraThis is good for the price. The only thing I that ikea hardly has any covers for it...they keep running out3
Too soft. We also boughtPAULEToo soft. We also bought nice purple cover at Ikea but INNER being too soft, it does not keep its shape.1
Sufficient for the price; priorSHERRISufficient for the price; prior to purchase, I made the decision to consider upgrading to a thicker pillow later. It does the job and the pillows look great as a layering piece (in lieu of a headboard)5
Liner melted when washed and dryerAnonymous reviewerI actually have 2 of these. Both melted (holes in outer lining fused to clumps of filler) when washed. They now have hard little lumps were the fabric melted. I have a front load washer and dryer. The dryer automatically stops when load is dry so it's not from over heating. Still usable with 2 layers of cushion covers but not super comfortable. I would prefer to pay more and get a greater quality. In my experience, the duck feather filled ones end up poking feather spines through the cover, so it's not a question of best choose the more expensive one: both fall short of what a cushion should be after a year. And yes, I wash them once a month. Doesn't everybody?1
Practical and affordableIkeafan03I have bought many of these for homemade covers.5
Doesn’t hold shapeLolowhiteI bought these for two accent pillow for my couch but fine I am always fluffing them and that they don’t hold their shape at all. They make the pillow cushions look lumpy and they aren’t comfortable because they have no support. I much prefer the FJADRAR inserts, which have a down-like feeling.2
Pillow insertAB604These inserts are very thin, I have to put 2 into one cushion to make it look full.2
Good cushionkiikHappy with my purchase...5
Ok-ishLillysmomThese inserts are good for the price but they do fall flat once sat on. Don’t expect too much from these. Great for show but not much Go. I ordered 6 of these. 3 of these had a 2” gash between the labels. I’m not going to return becuz it’s unfortunately Covid days.3
euro cushion insertMinkeyIt was compressed in a plastic sleeve when I purchased it so I wouldn't have known that it was lumpy and almost impossible to get the lumps evened throughout the cushion. I even tried fluffing it in the drier but that made it even worse. In the end I purchased other cushion inserts elsewhere and throwing these in the trash.1
Inner cushion pillow formsPurplegirl1164This is not the first or the last time I will purchase this pillow form. It is an excellent quality and makes my pillow creations look more fabulous than they are. I recommend it to all sewing friends or anyone else who will listen5
CushionGayle19639I love how full these cushions are.5
INNER cushion fillerSue Pbought it as rereplacement ( same one) but very thin stuffing & compacts down quickly I realize its spun chemical of some sort, thought it would hold shape for longer than 2 weeks1
Saggy inner cushion.RBGWI bought this because it was the only size option fir the beautiful cover I wanted. It’s saggy, I wish a fuller, plumper version was available!3
Soft cushion innerlygulBought 2 in As Is for reasonable price very worthwhile for the covers I had in storage5

Function solution

Cushions in fashion

At IKEA, we have cushions that love fashion! Dress them in covers to match seasons, styles – or your mood. They’re removable, easy to wash and don’t take much space to store, so you can keep several on hand. Change covers and the look in your room anytime you like – and for very little money.

Inner cushion, white26x26 " (65x65 cm)

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INNER Inner cushion, white, 26x26 "