IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated
IMMELN Hook, zinc plated

The IMMELN series give you maximum organization with minimum fuss. The suction cups grip tightly to smooth surfaces like tile or glass – even inside showers. Best of all, no drilling is needed!


Product details

Includes suction cups that grip smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles.Made of zink-plated steel, which is durable and rust resistant. Only sticks on flat surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and tiles.If your walls are of a different material you can choose to screw the suction cups to the wall instead.For increased stability, make sure to retighten the screws every 3 months.Clean your tiles before mounting the suction cup to ensure a better grip.Do not attach to bathroom wallpaper or any other type of wallpaper since the product can damage the material.Designer

Nike Karlsson

  • Steel, Galvanized, Powder coating
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe clean with a dry cloth.For increased stability, make sure to retighten the screws every 3 months.
  • IMMELNHookArticle no:803.541.15
    Width: 3 " (8 cm)Height: 1 ¾ " (4 cm)Length: 4 ¼ " (11 cm)Weight: 6 oz (0.16 kg)Package(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsIMMELN Hook803.541.15
    Other documentsIMMELN Hook803.541.15

Product size

2 " (5 cm)
3 ¼ " (8 cm)
Maximum load/hook: 
4 lb (2 kg)
Package quantity: 
2 pack


DOES NOT WORKWtanBought this to hang up my son's toilet seat which is less than 1 lb in our bathroom - followed instructions to the T including cleaning all surfaces and drying them off, tried it on glass and tile but it ALWAYS falls off after a day! For the amount of money these cost, they were absolutely not worth it.1
Tannis47worked exactly as designed.4
Perfect little hookFredericMThey are holding tight on my ceramic wall inside the shower. Very easy to install.5
Great hooks. Don’t move or fall downOh greatBought it a week ago and it’s great5
What a wasteGiselle_CamposIt doesn't stick to the tile. I've tried every way possible.1
hook for glassglass shower manThe rubber will louse suction after one year so you have to buy another set.3
Suction cup hanger.Ron 6378Seems to work great for my use, installed wrong first time, so be sure to do it as instructed.5
totally uselessHomemI bought these hooks and they do not stay up on my ceramic bathroom shower wall. I would have returned them, but I bought them from an IKEA far away from me, so not worth the trouble.1
The best!Annie33920I was looking for a hook specific for the bathroom shower... this is excellent for the shower, but I have also found so many other uses... Robes for behind the door. They hold quite a bit of weight.5
Replaced lost onesRotwilerReplaced the lost suction cups from my shower caddy. The are very secure.5
Will not stick to smooth tileTasha 1234The IMMELN hook will not stick to a cleaned, dry, smooth tile. Followed instructions and had my husband try and still the hook falls off in less than 5 minutes. Terrible product. Cannot return lost receipt and to return something takes a very long wait over 1 hour.1
IMMELN HooksArchitectThe hooks do not stay up on the wall, they keep falling off.1
Functional, versatile and looks great!!Sparkle1110Absolutely love these hooks!!! I live in a rental and do not want to make too many holes in the wall. You have the option to drill these hooks in or just use the suction. Suction works really well!! Very sturdy and feels very secure! Comes in 2 in a box and needs to be assembled.5
I melon HooksNhwpI bought this product and am certainly not happy with it. It would not stay on the tile wall in my bathroom. It is actually the second set of hooks I purchased and neither one of them would stay. If I hadn't thrown out my receipt, I would have returned them.1
Kae_I bought a half dozen of these hooks to use around my home (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom). They're great for temporary storage anywhere with a super smooth surface (tile, glass, glossy flat furniture surfaces), especially since I rent. They occasionally have un-sticky suction cups, especially after moving it from location to location, but a quick wash and dry usually fixes that problem. They're great for towels, clothes, kitchen utensils, and bags. (Good for just about anything with a hanging loop, as long as they are not too heavy).5
Use it in the showerHerbie01Works great, easy to install without drilling hole in the wall.5
PHLBUsing hooks in the bathroom to keep things tidy.4
Does not workdakm71Bought this for my tub enclosure, perfectly smooth 4 inch square tiles; followed instructions for application. Placed one 500mL shampoo bottle in basket (my own) Initially 'stuck' but came down 3 hours later.1
Pam7663Works wonderfully Love it5
ShopIkeaCanadaI bought this a couple weeks ago to use as a towel hook in my bathroom. So far I’m really impressed with the strength of the suction cup and have had no issues!5

No need to drill

Do you want to avoid drilling holes in your wall? Then choose bathroom accessories from the series TISKEN or IMMELN. They can be fastened to tiles, mirrors, glass and high gloss finishes without having to drill. Practical, fast and easy.

Hook, zinc plated

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IMMELN Hook, zinc plated


$7.99/ 2 pack