IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "
IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "

Will help your plants thrive, even if you can't water regularly.

Article Number301.171.88

Product details

Will help your plants thrive, even if you can't water regularly.The self-watering insert keeps the soil moist.Casters make the plant pot easy to move.Designer

Thomas Sandell

Article Number301.171.88

Product size

13 ¾ " (35 cm)
Outside diameter: 
15 ¼ " (39 cm)
Max. diameter inner pot: 
12 ½ " (32 cm)
Inside diameter: 
13 ¾ " (35 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Love itmargaretLove it5
Great!VenessaNever overwater your plants again! Well made, hold weight of dirt, sand, and rocks better than I expected. Durable and well-made. Easily roll around the pots without scratching the floors. I have several in my house now.5
hating itDIANAThe water level indicator is slanted to the side so it does not move freely. this pot does not work well.1
excellent ideaMAIKOLI like the product. I would like to suggest offering more colors.5
quality productGEORGE A.Works well, helps with efficient and proper watering.4
Great 👍carolynGreat 👍5
Water and ForgetMarijaIf you tend to kill plants accidentally, this is for you. Just wish it wasn't plastic, or maybe a more modern shape.4
Mdj55Happy with the pit I purchased4
Great for your larger plants on the home/patioConnietThis planter is on wheels and great for larger plants to allow for easy mobility when you need to vacuum or move it in from the outside during the winter. I haven’t seen this type of planter with the same pleasing aesthetic.5
Great ideaAsh JadeI am the worst with plants. I always either over or under water them. So this purchase was a no brainer. Still waiting to see the results of this. I watered up until the indicated line and the after a day it has already dropped back down. Following instructions and am waiting a few more days before I water again. Also the wheel at the bottom of this pot is a Godsend! I am able to move it around easily whenever I'm vacuuming. Now, the only problem I has with this pot was at the very beginning! I had to repot my plant 3 times. My fiancé and I were about to lose it!!! The problem was that the Styrofoam that is at the tip of the stick kept coming off and getting lost under the tray so we couldn't tell if we were over watering -- since the stick wasn't floating up or down. We had to remove and repot the plant. It happened again the second time. Eventually we gave up and decided to come up with our own floating device and glued it on to the stick.4
Missing self-watering stickDisappointed Ikea memberI bought this plant pot a few weeks ago and didn't even realize it was supposed to come with a self-watering stick until I was asked to do a review for this purchase and saw the photo. I'm disappointed that part of it was missing and now the pot is filled with dirt and planted.3
DeblynneIt’s perfect, only wish it came it white, it was only available in black and off-white5
Works quite wellWoodstock2019This pot is quite good. Keeps moisture even. Love the wheels. Great outdoors and indoors. Grew my first lime. Very happy.5
Do the jobAnneMa17Works as expected! I have a brown thumb. It might help a lot keeping the plan alive.5
Water reservoir keeps plants growingBrian2712This is second one I have purchased very pleased with product5
Perfect plant potMeeshx2Has wheels which makes it so easy to move my plant around. Best investment.5
Great potKathyeI like the fact that this self watering pot is on wheels, so it can be moved easily from one spot to another, I would definitely buy another one if ever I was looking for a larger pot5
Lightweight and durable.grobb84I bought this to repot a tropical gardenia tree that goes out in the summer but indoors in the winter. I needed a pot that could roll easily. I had the plant in another pot with seperate wheels but they were always locking up and the plant tipping. This planter from Ikea rolls easily and is large enough for a small tree. It comes with a great drainage tray AND has a water level indicator. I am so pleased I am buying another one ! I recommend this !!5
contruction failureAnonymous reviewerHi there. I've had 2 of those for 1 year one. good idea but failed execution. on one of them the floater dislodged itself from the plastic stick. There is no way to see this so I watered my plant way way too much waiting for the stick to come out until I realized what has happened. The inconvenience of having to have to take out the plant, fix the floater with some rubber ties - fingers crossed it holds - buy additional soil to replace the soaked one, the mess I created in my house - makes me so disappointed you have not secured properly this critical point of the product! I don't think any glue will withstand being immersed in water long term so I recommend you look into a different alternative of how to attach these 2 parts - perhaps mechanically. Again - great concept but please secure the execution.1
cellinszit is really helpful for me who isn't good at planting.5

Function solution

The best flowers water themselves

Ever forgotten to water your plants? A self-watering insert in IKEA PS FEJÖ plant pot keeps the earth nice and moist, so your flowers will flourish even if you water them at irregular intervals. Practical wheels make it easier to move the plant pot when cleaning etc.

Self-watering plant pot, black12 ½ " (32 cm)

IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, white, 12 ½ "
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IKEA PS FEJÖ Self-watering plant pot, black, 12 ½ "