IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "

Product details

10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.You can customize and personalize your storage by putting magnets on the outside.Casters make it easy to roll the storage unit under your desk or around the room.Integrated damper closes the drawer silently and gently.You can attach magnets to the metal surface and use it as a pin board.This storage unit has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 14073, EN14074, ANSI/BIFMA x5.9 and ISO-7170.Designer

Jon Karlsson

  • Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • IDÅSENDrawer unit on castersArticle no:304.725.88
    Width: 19 " (49 cm)Height: 4 ¾ " (12 cm)Length: 25 ½ " (65 cm)Weight: 39 lb 7 oz (17.89 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

16 1/2 " (42 cm)
18 1/2 " (47 cm)
24 " (61 cm)


Attractive storage, tricky constructionEmilyDeeI would agree with other reviewers that this product is challenging to build: I've been assembling IKEA furnishings for years, and this is the first one where I absolutely couldn't have succeeded without a power drill. The holes for some of the screws are so small as to make screwdrivers ineffective. Also, one of the top tray components was so tight a fit that getting it in place scratched some of the finish, which I've since hidden with a basket. That said, after sweating through several hours of assembly, the result was a bright, functional storage piece that I can slide under my desk when I'm not sitting at it, which is great for my work-from-home setup. If you're after a cheery storage solution and you have a drill on hand, this item is as sharp in person as it looks online.4
Such a disappointmentMer1212I bought this earlier this week.... Putting this together was way more complicated than it needed to be. I’m still not positive that everything is correct, but the part that upsets me the most is that by the time I had finished assembling it (with a blanket underneath) it has scratches on almost all of it. I bought it in that absolutely gorgeous mustard colour, but now it just looks cheap and the material doesn’t look like something I would be able to touch up1
Non functional filing cabinetMonmon26Its expensive and it doesn't even come with a lock. On top of that, the standard files don't even fit. I had to buy adjustable hanging file rail.1
Never actually seen the product yetDesperate for my orderPurchased online through click and connect but never received confirmation order was ready. Ikea wants me to give feedback on the product I have yet to receive almost 4 weeks later cannot recommend something I have never seen yet I paid for it2
Great for sewing and craft suppliesMCVancouverI bought this for my sewing room so I could easily grab my notions on top without having to reopen drawers. Assembly was fine, tabs fit perfectly, just have to look at the pictures carefully when putting the sides together as it's easy to invert them. Soft close is great.5
Addy WI am very pleased with this purchase. It is a very sturdy piece.5
Sturdy and FunctionalBinxyLove this file cart, very sturdy and has a great open top feature which i am using to hold paint palettes and water glasses so they cant knock over. I have to say I found assembly easy. I was worried because of the other reviews talking about bending the metal tabs but if you just look to make sure the hole is lined up they bend no problem. Only downfall is it does pull the whole cart when you open the drawers. I think they have another version where the wheels lock but for $20 i didnt think it was worth it to not have that hastle as it is quite expensive already4
Nice looking but difficult to assembleJen750The first part of the assembly went well, but in the end, even with the help of a handy neighbour, I could not finish it. You have to bend metal tabs which is not easy, and the instructions were at times confusing. After many frustrating hours, I took it back, partly assembled, and had help from a staff person at IKEA to finish assembling, who admitted it was hard! I like the looks of it, and it seems sturdy enough. File folders are hard to get in and out of the drawer. The sizing is off somehow. Because of how time-consuming and frustrating it was to put together, I do not recommend.3
Such a perfect color but such a pain in the bottomJGlovesIKEAWhere else could you find such a cool looking home office cabinet? I bit the bullet and thought the other reviewers are not as highly experienced Ikea assemblers as we are. When I opened the box I was so impressed, its liked they designed how it would fit in the box 1st and then how it would looked built, so perfectly packed. It then took us two days to assemble it, on the second day I had had enough but was no invested, I had to get to the end of it. Almost 3/4 through on the 1st day, little did I know I had a couple of pieces in the drawers that were inside out and that they would not fit in the cabinet for no easy to figure out reasons. The instructions where not clear enough on how to avoid the issue and I wish I could have attached the pics here to help whomever is brave enough to attempt to build this. If looks are important for you, if your marriage is strong enough to survive this, go ahead. Maybe this item will go on sale, with all the effort I feel the $189 was too expensive. Heck, they should make this item free with a psychological study. All and all, I love the storage on top where I can hide the extra stuff that was on my desk, I love the yellow color that fits in my office and something happened to my brain in the building process, that I cannot quite explain (it was the worse but I still love it now). Oh and put something to protect your wood floor when you build it, even when at the end when you can't take building it anymore. (you will hate yourself for the scratches later). Can I get a discount? I would like to buy more stuff! thank you3
Good size and descriptiongeedWe bought this for our office and it fits perfectly under our desk. It can hold everything you need in the top compartment and the instructions were relatively easy to follow. The drawers slide in and clamp on once the drawer is fully pushed in. The only negative is that there are no stoppers on the wheels, so when you pull on the drawers, the whole thing moves with it.4
DO NOT BUY THISikeacustomer8000Assembly is really complicated for a seemingly simple product. The drawers do not attach to the sliders in anyway that I can figure out and the instructions leave this part out. Having to push in metal tabs makes it unlikely that this will be able to be taken apart and put back together if you ever have to move.1
File hangers will not fit in bottom drawerJSTAR2000Its a cute cabinet, but does not function to store files (i.e. not a filing cabinet). After putting this piece together (3 days and most of my patience), imagine my surprise when I realized that the bottom drawer is TOO BIG to hold letter sized hanging files. Just like, an inch too big. Why? WHY? WHY????. Now I'm stuck with a cabinet that does not function as I require. And my files are tossed into the bottom drawer in a heap. I am defeated.1
Can"t use letter size hangers!lettersizehangerIt seems that lower door is a little too big for letter size hanging folders!1

Drawer unit on casters, beige16 1/2x24 " (42x61 cm)

IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, dark gray, 16 1/2x24 "
IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, golden brown, 16 1/2x24 "
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IDÅSEN Drawer unit on casters, beige, 16 1/2x24 "