HIMMELSBY Frame, white, 5x7 "
HIMMELSBY Frame, white, 5x7 "
HIMMELSBY Frame, white, 5x7 "
HIMMELSBY Frame, white, 5x7 "
HIMMELSBY Frame, white, 5x7 "

Decorate with pictures you love. This frame has a detailed bead edge and comes in many sizes, perfect for a picture wall. The plastic front protection is safe ― and does justice to the motif.


Product details

Messy on the desk or in the craft corner? This mini chest of drawers makes it easier to keep track of smaller things. Easy to fold, recycle and with drawers that you can mark to quickly find what you need.If you want some variation, you can easily change the motif in the frame.The mat enhances the picture and makes framing easy.The mat is acid-free and will not discolor the picture.Can be used hanging or standing, both horizontally and vertically, to fit in the space available.Front protection in plastic makes the frame safer to use.The motif in the frame is a placeholder and can easily be replaced with another motif.Mat included.Different wall materials require different types of hardware. The included screws are suitable for wooden materials, and the wall plugs can be used for plaster, concrete, or masonry. Follow the instructions for the wall type in your home.Designer

Jennifer Idrizi

  • Frame:Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    Front protection:Polystyrene
  • HIMMELSBYFrameArticle no:604.668.35
    Width: 7 ¼ " (18 cm)Height: 1 " (3 cm)Length: 9 ¼ " (23 cm)Weight: 15 oz (0.43 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Picture without mat, width: 
5 " (13 cm)
Picture without mat, height: 
7 " (18 cm)
Picture with mat, width: 
4 " (10 cm)
Picture with mat, height: 
6 " (15 cm)
Mat opening, width: 
3 ½ " (9 cm)
Mat opening, height: 
5 ½ " (14 cm)

Frame, white5x7 " (13x18 cm)

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HIMMELSBY Frame, white, 5x7 "