GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "
GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "
GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "
GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "
GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "
GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "
Article Number500.550.85

Product details

The spouts make it easy to pour out drippings.Thick base prevents food from easily burning and sticking to the pan.The pan's low weight makes it easy to handle when filled with food.The handle can be folded down to save space when storing.Made from aluminum; heats up quickly and produces appetizing grill stripes on the food.Treated with Teflon® Classic non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easy.PFOA free.Wash this product before using it for the first time.No PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is used to create the non-stick surface of this product.
  • Main parts:Aluminum, Coated with Teflon(R) Classic
    Handle:Solid beech, Stainless steel, Clear lacquer
    Handwash only.Suitable for use on gas cooktop.Suitable for use on ceramic glass cooktop.Suitable for use on electric cooktop.
  • Check for recycling in your area.
  • GRILLAGrilling panArticle no:500.550.85
    Width: 10 ¾ " (28 cm)Height: 2 ½ " (6 cm)Length: 13 ¾ " (35 cm)Weight: 2 lb 3 oz (0.99 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

14 ¼ " (36 cm)
10 ¼ " (26 cm)
2 " (5 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Third one I bought, gaveANNETTEThird one I bought, gave one as a gift, great buy5
great for indoor and the bbqCamper on waddle wayBought this mainly for indoor use but it works great on the bbq. Watch out tho because the handle gets hot.5
Inexpensive easy clean grill panBarb1949This is a replacement for the same pan I had for several years. I used it often and decided it needed to be replaced.5
Poorly madeSush12Very disappointed. The handle is defective, I can’t seem to move it as it was shown in the picture. It is stuck in the folded position.1
Grill panKsabWe loved it. its fun to grill and easy to clean.4
Awesome grillAmanda004We've been looking for a grill pan for a while and I thought we'd do one with two handles (almost like a serving dish) but the price on this was too good to pass up. We've loved cooking on it. Even heat distribution, cleans up easily, easy to store because the handle folds down easily.5
PerfectSam1981Its an excellent addition to my kitchen. Love it5
Lisadr52020123I bought this item as my mom has one. Pros and cons with it3
grill panbh1957This is the perfect bacon pan,5
GRILLA grilling pan.TuppenceExcellent at its job and very easy to clean.5
Reposition handleSY WongLight weight, but size too big and flip handle in middle is not good, need to adjust aside to put in cabinet.5
Great for campingLilika2000I bought this item 2 months ago. Easy to pack. Perfect size.5
Aftab780Durable non - stick and very handy5
Grilling panAngela3224So glad I bought this, cleans up like a dream and gives fairly even heat distribution, though this feature could be a bit better. My only other thing that I would ask for is a lid.5
francis121happy with the grill works very well easy to use4
Great for indoor grilling!Amanda42Really affordable! The nonstick surface wipes clean with paper towel. Cooks steak really well almost like outdoors.5
grilla grill panHeath002I love it. It cooks the food evenly. I love it for bacon especially.5
Good sized grill panforrwenThough it doesn't last forever, overall I like this pan. I have bought it several times over the years.4
Excellent for use on the natural gas barbecueCal 1313Very pleased with my Grilla. Bought with the intent to use on my barbeque to cook bacon outside instead of indoors where the smell would permeate all fabrics. Did such a nice job that I also used it to sear and cook a rib roast in outside too. Tip : Just keep the handle extended outside of the barbecue while you cook.5
Great for indoor grillingFor K C Kitty CatI have purchased a few kinds of grill pans and this is my favourite. Lasts a long time and when I have to replace it's doesn't cost $50. or more (which I have paid). Like that the handle closes down too - makes it easier to store. Even the overly expensive grill pans don't seem to have the non-stick last any longer than the Grilla5


For rapid, even heat distribution

Aluminum distributes heat quickly and evenly to the entire pan. This makes it easy to regulate the temperature and prevent food for burning and sticking to the pan. Perfect for sauces and dishes based on flour and milk. Aluminum pots and pans are often treated with a non-stick coating to prevent stains and discoloration from exposure to acidic foods, such as tomato sauce. Use wooden or plastic cooking utensils to avoid scratches. Wash by hand.


Makes appetizing stripes

Because GRILLA grilling pan is made of aluminum, it heats up quickly to a high temperature, which makes appetizing grill stripes on the food. Inside, the pan has a Teflon® Classic non-stick coating. This prevents food from burning and sticking to the pan and makes it easier for you to clean. It also means you can cook using less fat, so the results are healthier too. The grilling pan can be used on gas, ceramic or cast iron cooktops.

Grilling pan, black14 ¼x10 ¼ " (36x26 cm)

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GRILLA Grilling pan, black, 14 ¼x10 ¼ "