GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "
GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "

Product details

Just as practical for everyday shoes in the hallway as for fancy shoes in the wardrobe. And since the rack is foldable, you can have some extra racks in the hallway closet that you can unfold and stack when you have guests.The shoe rack holds 3 pairs of shoes and you can stack up to 3 racks on top of each other.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Steel, Pigmented polyethylene powder coating
    Wipe clean with a water dampened cloth.
  • GREJIGShoe rackArticle no:403.298.68
    Width: 10 ¾ " (27 cm)Height: 1 " (3 cm)Length: 22 ¾ " (58 cm)Weight: 1 lb 12 oz (0.79 kg)Package(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsGREJIG Shoe rack403.298.68

Product size

22 7/8 " (58 cm)
10 5/8 " (27 cm)
6 3/4 " (17 cm)


Great shoe storage!Carm01I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it’s the perfect shoe storage for a small space. Also, great for storing kid’s shoes as you can fit quite a few kid’s shoes on each rack. I bought six racks as you can stack 3 racks on top of each other. Super easy to assemble as well! And it looks great in our small closet.5
Perfect shoe storageBrown and smallThe best part of this product is that it's stackable5
Used as a modem holder - works great!999WishI needed something to place my TV (cable) equipment on that would allow air movement. This product was affordable, looks and works great.5
Jv angelNot good for a shoe rack, soft.1
Simple easy and affordableChinita6Have too many shoes and this raised shoe rack helps the family store our shoes a little better. For the price you can’t go wrong and it does everything it sets out to do. Best $5 purchase. Simple shoe rack easy to clean and easy to put away when we want to hide all the shoes and pretende they don’t exist when guest come over. Effectively cleaning up our front doorway.5
Great to have less clutter at my front door!JDM25Bought this a couple of weeks ago. Perfect for spring, summer, fall. I keep wet shoes on the bottom.4
Petite mais pratiquebabdeMalgré ses dimensions petits. Je la vois pratique pour la mettre a l entree de la maison ou jiste avant la marche des escaliers.5
Compact Shoe storageSMS 2020I bought this product a month ago and it is so good and useful5
I use it in kitchen cabinet for organizingwaiwai398Happy with its heavy duty and different usage5
Perfect shoe rackKarrieaThe size, price and adaptability of this product can’t be beat. Our closet is an odd shape/size but we could layer and stack to create a perfect shoe rack for our needs.5
Shoe dgirsgeKmnurseBasic but very functional.5
Good shoe storage.PatriciaJAGoes well with the boot tray, sturdy.5
Wm57I am very happy that I bought this product4
Love itShawnlucEasy to to clean and very functional5
Tiny shoe rack sturdier than it appears알fredI bought this shoe rack because I had a robot vaccum that liked to run over my shoes. I don't have a lot of room for most shoe racks (majority are too wide) so this was perfect. My main concern was this product's sturdiness, because I didn't want the robot vaccum to knock it over. Installation is easy, no tools are required. The main con of this rack is when you stack multiple racks, the racks below can only fit 2 pairs of shoes. Only the top rack can fit 3 pairs. It this rack was slightly wider to fit 3 pairs of shoes on lower racks it would have been perfect!4
BonnieBI received these today and immediately went online and ordered 20 more!!5
perfect at our back doorgardenerThis is the best and least obtrusive item we've found for the shoes we keep at our back door.5
Great shoe storageDanaM1I bought two of these for my hall closet to keep my shoes neat and orderly. They are stackable which is perfect for a small space. I can fit three pairs of shoes on one shoe rack.5
More than shoes!BusyMommyI stacked 2 together for shoes -excellent! A third one was used in my pantry as an extra shelf!5
Actually I use it as a shelf for my computer partsThisistoomuchIt works perfectly for my purpose.5

Shoe rack22 7/8x10 5/8 " (58x27 cm)

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GREJIG Shoe rack, 22 7/8x10 5/8 "