FYLLEN Laundry basket, white, 21 gallon
FYLLEN Laundry basket, white, 21 gallon
FYLLEN Laundry basket, white, 21 gallon
FYLLEN Laundry basket, white, 21 gallon

The airy construction makes the moisture disappear.

Article Number204.080.17

Product details

The airy construction makes the moisture disappear.Holds up to 20 lbs of laundry.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Body:100 % nylon
    Fabric:100 % polyester
    Do not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • FYLLENLaundry basketArticle no:204.080.17
    Width: 18 ½ " (47 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 18 ½ " (47 cm)Weight: 1 lb 13 oz (0.83 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

19 ¾ " (50 cm)
17 ¾ " (45 cm)
21 gallon (79 l)

Ratings and reviews

Sturdy for something collapsibleMURNASturdy for something collapsible5
Handles are too short, product is too flimsyOzzie81The previous version of this laundry hamper had longer handles which allowed one to hold on to it with one hand. This newer version, which feels a lot flimsier, also has tiny handles which means you need both hands to carry the hamper. If you live in an apartment or have to carry this down stairs (or a significant distance) this is a big problem1
Perfect for storage everythingOanamolI bought that years ago in red and still want the same5
Perfect Laundry BagDamBabI first bought this item about 3years ago and it’s served my family very well. I bought a new one some weeks ago and it’s just as good. Really good value for money5
Disappointed with redesignmichelle456I have a couple of the older model that I loved but was disappointed when I tried to carry this in one hand, the straps are not long enough to reach across.2
Perfect sizePropertyJaneSame size as one load for my washer5
Went from 5 stars to 1 star with changesIKEAfan33I have been buying these and recommending them for years because they are so easy to pack down and carry around! However, the latest ones I bought are smaller and have short handles so I can no longer carry the laundry with one hand (very handy when you have small kids or busy hands!). I hope they consider bringing back the long handles.1
AnimalsLynds5We bought this to put stuffed animals in. Works great for that.5
Makes a great butterfly enclosure!Teacher LauraTeachers and butterfly-lovers, rejoice! This hamper makes a great enclosure for raising caterpillars/butterflies. Depending on the species you are raising, when the butterfly emerges from it's chrysalis there may be red liquid (meconium) that splatters out. It does mess up the hamper, but you can just hand wash it clean. This is much cheaper than butterfly enclosures for sale. Obviously don't keep the butterflies permanently in this hamper; they are meant to be released into the wild a day or two after hatching. :)5
plush kitty toyI bouught this for our cottage and the product is as expexted.5
Perfect laundry hamperMami654We are using it every day5
Perfect size, strong basket for laundryIkeakimberleyWas surprised how sturdy this basket is; highly recommend5
Great clothes hamperMomma JanI have used these for years and just recently after about 7 years my hampers have broken down.. these are easy to store as they collapse and comfortable the carry to the laundry room or bedrooms.. these are a bit smaller than my recent ones but definitely work the same..definitely repurchase again..5
Poor imitation of the originalLaundry crazyThe original basket was perfect, this remake is far fron that unfortunately. Too short in depth so it holds much less, the handles are too short to carry with one hand like the old. Very surprised by this. Usually IKEA makes their products better not worse.1
seems smaller than previous versionBania711Not as tall as previous version4
Sturdy laundry basket - but smaller than originalJenni009We wanted to get a second basket for laundry and we loved the old silver one with the long handles. Why did they make it smaller with shorter handles. We can't hold onto the basket with one hand and is smaller in volume. Wish they brought back the old one, which was perfect and sturdy.3
Messed with a great designSelauraI bought this and assumed it would be the same as the ones I LOVE. It's not. The handles are too short to be able to carry it easily with one hand, which is really a benefit when you're going up and down stairs and through doors. The ones like this I have that were bought last year have longer handles and they work fantastically. The shorter handles are definitely NOT an improvement.2
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Laundry basket, white21 gallon (79 l)

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FYLLEN Laundry basket, white, 21 gallon