EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural

Take care of you and your things. The sofa has storage shelves on all sides and wire mesh for you to hang your items. Place the sofa in the middle of the room and the mesh back becomes an attractive detail.


Product details

10-year limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.Smart shelves for storage on all sides of the sofa. The steel mesh can be used to store things by hanging them up.Can be placed as a focal piece in the middle of the room since the steel mesh at the back will add a nice decorative touch to the room.The sofa is made of separable parts and thanks to smart packaging it's easy to take home.The corner can be placed to the right or left, so you can choose the position that best suits your home.Each piece of furniture has a unique personality since natural marks and traces from the production are fully visible and part of the industrial expression.The design makes this piece of furniture easy to place, easy to use for various needs, and easy to match with other furnishings.The cover is easy to keep clean since it is removable and machine washable.This product may have traces of rust. It is part of the expression of the product and does not affect the quality of the material.This cover's ability to resist abrasion has been tested to handle 25,000 cycles. A cover that withstands 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture that should withstand everyday use in the home.The cover has a lightfastness level of 5 (the ability to resist color fading) on a scale of 1 to 8. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use.Designer

Gustav Carlberg

  • Total composition:80 % cotton, 20 % linen
    Back cushion:Polyester fiber balls, Non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding
    Seat cushion:Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft., Non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding
    Wire mesh/ Frame/ Metal parts:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Shelf:Birch plywood, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Bed slat:Birch veneer, Beech veneer, Adhesive resin as coating
    Zipper:100 % polyester
    WoodWipe clean with a dry cloth.Wet marks should always be dried off as soon as possible to stop moisture penetration.
    Removable coverMachine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not use optical brighteners.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C.Dry clean any solvent except trichloroethylene.
  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    EKEBOLSofaArticle no:503.669.78This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 32 ¾ " (84 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 37 " (94 cm)Weight: 40 lb 13 oz (18.50 kg)Package(s): 1
    Width: 10 ¾ " (27 cm)Height: 2 ½ " (7 cm)Length: 70 ¼ " (179 cm)Weight: 48 lb 3 oz (21.85 kg)Package(s): 1
    Width: 32 ½ " (83 cm)Height: 11 ½ " (29 cm)Length: 32 ¾ " (83 cm)Weight: 36 lb 5 oz (16.47 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

70 7/8 " (180 cm)
36 1/4 " (92 cm)
34 5/8 " (88 cm)
Height under furniture: 
4 3/4 " (12 cm)
Armrest height: 
31 1/2 " (80 cm)
Seat width: 
61 3/4 " (157 cm)
Seat depth: 
26 3/4 " (68 cm)
Seat height: 
18 1/8 " (46 cm)
Number of seats: 
3 pack


Couch cousion doesn"t hold shapeDeetsWe've had our Ekebol for 2 weeks now! Love the design of this couch. The bottom cousion where my husband sits has already lost it's square edges and is deflated and old looking already after 2 weeks of moderate use. Where I usually sit it's still square along the front edge, I don't know if this is because he lounges and sprawls his legs off the couch edge, and I usually tuck my feet up underneath me, or sit with my feet flat on the floor. There's only a 25lb weight difference between us. I suppose if you like to lounge or sprawl out perhaps purchase an ottoman to keep you feet up to avoid a new saggy couch cousion? Or I have a defective product. Not completely sure, but regardless it's pretty disappointing not to be able to lounge comfortably on a couch without wrecking the cousion.3
Bottom cushion slides aroundLCMcI was so excited for this couch and it is so very close to perfect with just one issue that drives me up a wall. The seat cushion/mattress does not stay put. It's attached to the back of the frame with fabric loops but they frequently come unsnapped and the cushion slides forwards. We tried attaching velcro along the bottom of it with no luck. A yoga mat between the slats and the cushion offers enough grip to almost work but since it only grips the fabric , the foam inside still slides making the cover shift forwards which brings it out of line with the edge of the cushion and exposes the black zipper along the back. I haven't seen this in anyone else's review so maybe we got a defective one or we sit on couches wrong. The upsides are plenty: our cat has zero interest in even attempting to scratch this couch, the style is so unique, it fits perfectly in a small space, the extra storage is so convenient, the covers all come off and fit into the washing machine, and it's deep enough to be a very comfortable guest bed. I'm so disappointed in the seat cushion issue, I know we'll never find a couch that deters cat scratches like this one but I'm just about ready to give this one up.2
Gorgeous overall, but limp mattressAMSchWe have just put together our Ekebol sofa, and are mostly thrilled with it. It fits perfectly and we love the design. It was a breeze to put together with just 1 person. The mattress, however, leaves much to be desired. We left it out an extra day, as it did not seem to be 'inflating' all the way in the recommended 72 hours. It remains uneven, thin, and hard, especially in the middle. We knew the mattress would not be super soft based on other reviews, but it is almost unusable. I think I will try to buy some other type of foam to cut and see if that helps. Definitely big throw pillows are a must with this sofa!3
Amazing Quality + StorageMel52Purchased this a few months ago for our basement apartment as a new couch/extra storage. It definitely does the job! Incredibly sturdy and easy to put together. Comfortable and it looks good. We only wish there were cushion covers available!5
Deep, versatile sofaSPGBWe have two Ekebol sofas in our home, which allows us to have an L-shaped couch. My partner is over 6 ft tall, and he loves how deep it is. I'm quite small, but I love that we can easily cuddle together on the couch and that there is plenty of room for both of us to spread out when we want. We have a small place, and while the sofas are quite large, they luckily fit perfectly into our space. The shelving underneath is genius and it always blows the minds of our book-loving friends when they're over. I personally find it a bit stiff to sleep on, but my partner LOVES it. He happily falls asleep on it every night, so I guess it depends on what your personal preferences are. It's also great for when friends unexpectedly end up staying over. My one complaint, however, is that it is definitely an ordeal to put together. There are several different parts and it is definitely much easier to assemble with two people. Once put together though, it is absolutely perfect. We haven't washed the cushion covers yet, but I'm glad we can easily just take the covers off and wash them if we need to. Additionally, these sofas feel like they were made with good quality and I think we'll have these for a looooong time. We couldn't be any happier with our two Ekebol sofas!5
Great buyKenny2020Reason why I bought this sofa was my door seems too tight to fit any of the bigger sofas that i wanted and I don't want to pay for shipping. This was perfect since it comes in 3 packages which I have to assembly together. (3 boxes and fit in my SUV) Easy to assemble. Material is nice, It would have been nice if the material was more soft to sit on but just it's just me.5
The best couch I"ve ever had.mercuviI bought this over a year ago and I am still as in love with it today as when I first got it. It's super versatile and has lots of potential storage space! When I have guests over, it can even be used as a twin sized bed because of how deep the seats are. It's probably my favourite IKEA purchase yet!5
Super comfy & versatileFranPouI live in a studio apartment and this is the perfect sized couch. The storage is really handy and looks great with colourful books and a decorative item or 2 on the shelves. It's really comfortable and feels sturdy. I like that the covers can be removed so I can wash them. I got it in the as-is section so didn't have to assemble it but it looks like it would be quite simple. I think it's a tad over-priced but am considering purchasing a second one because I'm moving into a larger space. The plan is to put them together to make an L-shaped/sectional couch so I feel like it's really versatile depending on your space. Definitely love this couch!5
golden11Very sturdy, looks nice, I love that I can hang metal baskets on the back and I definitely took advantage of all that shelving (I was able to get rid of my small bookshelf). It sits very deep (which was what I was looking for, not many couches have quite the depth that I Like but this one is perfect). I needed to put a small pillow or two in the corner for comfortable lounging but I knew that before I bought it. The regular price is a bit high for what it is but I got it on sale so I was very pleased. Only negative I found is that the seat cushion can slide around a bit more than I'd like but that's easily fixable with some double sided tape on the slats.5
Great sofa for the price, but basically a bedhometechieJust finished putting this sofa together and I love it so far. Perfect width for condos (my unit is under 600 sq. ft.). Seat cushion is basically a single-sized mattress, and it's nice and firm. The mattress sits on firm wooden slats similar to the firm slats Ikea uses for their beds. Provides really good support but I would've preferred a solid wood board for better longevity. Nice deep seat as others have pointed out, so you'll need to use pillows with this sofa, or be the time to curl up on it. As a 6'1 person, I am so thankful about the seat height -- I hate the current modern trend of low height sofas that are harder to get off of. Ikea instructions say the mattress and back cushions need 72h to rest and inflate. Wish I would've known this ahead of time so that I could've opened them first and waited a few days before putting the sofa together. The instructions say it takes 2 people to put this together, but I was able to easily do it myself. It took me 2.25 h from unpacking to clean-up. This sofa feels way sturdier than the other sofas Ikea sells, so I'm hoping I get at least 5 years of use from this model!5
DanApsPerfect size for our apartment!5
More than just a sofaShelliBeanSo the first thing anyone sits in EKEBOL notices is that the seat is super deep. So for those who sit on a sofa like a regular chair, it won't be comfortable. But if you like to lounge, or curl with your feet up on the seat, it's a perfect size. And the stiffness of the cushions are pretty standard, so it's nice to take a nap in it. Second, the extra storage trait is pretty genius. For homes with limited room, regular sofas/couches are basically a singular function waste of space. It's really nice to be able to store some things under and behind the butt the sofa itself. And you can also hang things from the mesh backing. So multi-purposeful! And lastly, it looks pretty stylish in my opinion.5
Looks good, feels badMixtahbought it for the look and functionality of the shelving. but comfort wise, it is uncomfortable - the seat is too deep to comfortably sit, unless you're really tall4
Comfortable , practical and stylish.Liv MooreVery happy with this couch.Love the storage shelves for my books ! I wanted something sturdy and comfortable that would last forever, this fits the bill.5
Small pet friendly couch.GingieThis is an awesome couch, we were on the look out for a couch that our cat wouldn't scratch up and wouldn't take over our small apartment space. its comfortable, and it looks great !5
EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural

New ideas for the fluid home

The designer Gustav Carlberg has a lot of moving experience. His first home was a cellar room with a stove where he lived on noodles and crispbread. Later on, Gustav moved to a shared home where he slept in the living room. This was followed by a number of other temporary homes in the Stockholm area. These experiences proved valuable when he was given the task to develop a new sofa for IKEA; a sofa for a home in constant change – the fluid home.  Read More
Over the years, the designer Gustav Carlberg has lived in some ten-odd homes which have all had their own settings and unique traits. ”I remember an apartment where I had my bed in the living room and didn't get much privacy. So I hung up posters around the bed to create a ‘room in the room’. I laid there and played video games in my free time”, Gustav says laughing.

Life lived on the sofa

Having moved so often, Gustav is quite typical of our time, since the home for many people is something ever-changing. It's not always as slimmed down as Gustav's first living spaces, but we still move often, and shift between living alone or with our friends or partners. IKEA product developer Ria Falk describes this lifestyle trend as ”the fluid home”. It's a home that changes both in terms of location, conditions and interior. ”Also, the living area is often limited and we do different things in the same room”, says Ria. ”We work, relax and hang out in the living room, but we also want to create our own nook if for example several people are sleeping in the same room. That's why furniture needs to be functional and very clever”.
When Ria and her colleagues saw this need, they decided to develop a number of new furniture items. The involvement of Gustav in the project was a stroke of luck. During his years in sublet apartments, he learned a lot about what works – and doesn't – in a home that constantly changes. From these insights and experiences, EKEBOL sofa was developed: a steel construction with loose cushions and a number of storage possibilities. ”It's a sofa to live on. A place where you can work, relax and sleep when needed. It's easy to move and isn't meant to get stuck in one spot in front of the TV”.

A workshop led to ideas

To be sure that EKEBOL and the other furniture items developed in the same project actually met the needs of the fluid home, the team invited a group of 20-somethings to a workshop at our design department in Älmhult, Sweden. For an entire day, they tested, moved around and explored all the details of the newly developed furniture items. Among other things, there was the rolling VEBERÖD room divider which Gustav's colleague Johanna Jelinek designed. It led to several different ideas from the group: one suggested that the room divider could store all of the kitchen's cookware on one side and that the other side could be covered in climbing plants like a green wall.
The workshop clearly showed that many 20-somethings want to be able to put a very personal touch to their home – no matter how temporary their living situations might be. It's one of a number important insights which Ria, Gustav and their colleagues now take into account for new projects. Ria would like to involve customer groups more in future product development. ”It was a great joy to find solutions together this way”, Ria concludes. ”Through cooperating, I'm confident that we'll continue to develop smarter and better products that can make a difference for many people - not just for the younger generations”.
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Clear-lacquered steel

This product is made from clear-lacquered steel. Since the raw steel is not hidden under a fully covering surface treatment, the products will vary in look and each piece of furniture will be unique.

Sofa, Katorp natural

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EKEBOL Sofa, Katorp natural