CACTACEAE Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
CACTACEAE Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
CACTACEAE Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "

A real survivor ― in nature, the spines protect against animals and collect dew that drips down into the soil. Remember that plants can make you feel better and make your home feel more vibrant!


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Attention: prickly!Wear gloves and protect your eyes when handling, as the plant has thorns.Native to Mexico.Slow growing.Easy care plant.
  • Plant/ Substrate:Cultivated potted plant
    OthersOnly for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.
    TemperatureMinimum temperature 54º F (12°C).
    WaterWater sparingly.
    PlacementFor indoor usePlace in a bright and sunny area.
  • CACTACEAEPotted plantArticle no:901.200.60
    Length: 10 " (25 cm)Weight: 1 lb 0 oz (0.45 kg)Diameter: 5 " (13 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
4 " (10 cm)


CactusNiclisCute cactus - would buy again.5
Plant with high survival rate!Live2BeI am not good with plants, but I'd like to start having some around the house. Therefore, I thought this was a great choice. I should be able to keep this alive! Wish me luck!5
Very prettyChrislou5Perfect size for perfect price5
Cactusx2So cute , easy to care for !5
Healthy plants and reasonable priceGreen 214I bought this last week, it’s a healthy plant5
Love all their succulentsMartimar24I bought it 3 weeks ago to make a succulent arrangement for my friend and she’s enjoying it and I also bought a few for myself.5
celina1111dfsdfasdfdfkh, kdhfkhskd ksdhkf4
SucculentsBrendyjoFound 3 cute little succulents that were perfect for what I needed. I have had good luck with plants purchased from IKEA in the past so I felt confident in purchasing them and so glad I did!5
Succulent plantsK111I always buy my succulents at IKEA. Best value!!5
Affordable priceghe2123Your cactaceae potted plants are with affordable prices3
Absolutely adorableItsamemarioIKEA's plant selections are always great5
Good cactusAlliecat1234Great for decorating and adding that little touch5
Healthy plantJeanette7I have purchased a lot of these plants. They are healthy and have thrived at my place. I have given many away as gifts too. Check the labels for the care that your plant needs.5
so-so plants - go to a garden centre insteadLatvian cook1I picked up a couple of cacti - they are OK, nothing exceptional. I don't think the staff really know much about plant care, as one of the plants was definitely underwatered and it took me a while to bring it back to health.3
lovely catusmgd46Ikea is a great place to buy plants.5
Perfect indoor plant.BeerdadPretty easy to take care of it.4
BeautifulMarg 23I bought few different kinds and I am so happy I did it5
CatcusEastcoastmomCute and looks great in the Daidai gold pot.5
Cacti & succulents plantsGraceatTwsMost are good, but a lot of chance the plants were over-watered. About 2 out of 10 I bought can't survive because of this reason. Will suggest you put them on a brighten area & better ventilation.3
Perfect potted plants!Sue621These potted plants were so healthy and a great price!5

A prickly survivor

This plant is a real survivor used to tough and dry conditions. In nature, the spines protect the cactus against animals, but they also provide shade and gather dew that drips down into the soil where the roots absorb the water. Don’t be fooled by the prickly exterior – just like other plants, the cactus can boost your well-being and make your home feel more vibrant. And the best part is that it can survive on its own when you go on vacation!

Potted plant, assorted species plants4 " (10 cm)

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CACTACEAE Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "