BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, Twin
BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, Twin
BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, Twin
BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, Twin
BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, Twin

Over the years, more than 20 million people have tucked themselves in under a BRUNKRISSLA duvet cover. A reality beyond our wildest dreams – and proof that good quality never goes out of style.

Article Number703.755.28

Product details

Concealed snaps keep the duvet in place.Made in 100% cotton - a natural and durable material that becomes softer with every wash.Includes: 1 Twin duvet cover and 1 pillowcase.152 thread count.Thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the more densely woven the fabric.Each pillowcase is made from random cut fabric giving each one a unique look.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • 100 % cotton
    Shrinkage maximum 4%.Machine wash very hot, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Tumble dry, medium, normal cycle.Iron high.Do not dry clean.
  • Renewable material (cotton).All the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.Non-chlorine bleach.
  • BRUNKRISSLADuvet cover and pillowcase(s)Article no:703.755.28
    Width: 7 ¼ " (19 cm)Height: 2 ¼ " (6 cm)Length: 10 ¾ " (27 cm)Weight: 2 lb 3 oz (0.98 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Thread count: 
152 square inches
Pillowcase quantity: 
1 pack
Duvet cover length: 
86 " (218 cm)
Duvet cover width: 
64 " (162 cm)
Pillowcase length: 
20 " (51 cm)
Pillowcase width: 
30 " (76 cm)

Ratings and reviews

BrunkrisslaMarie S.Big and it fits my daughter ‘s bed5
Very wrinkled out of the drayerFancycookiesI was disapointed at how wrinkled the cover was out of the dryer, it is very difficlut to press such a large piece of fabric. I purchased a queen size (duvet & cover) for a queen mattress but it doesn't cover the full bed and doesn't hang far enough to really hide the sheets.3
Quality over quantityClorita 123My daugther saw it in the stored loved it had no regret5
CoverWonderful for price greaExcellent quality and design5
perfect fitZero1234i was satisfied with the design and the quality4
Duvet coveringNancyb4I bought this last week, it's has a nice color pattern.4
Suzanne 156Nice colours, not as dark as I thought which is good.5
nice looking; good qualityAnonymous reviewerA long time ago, I had one of these in green, and it was ok quality. Just picked one up in black/grey, and it seems that there have been some improvements! The fabric feels substantial but still soft, and the last one I had to sew on my own snaps, but this one came with. Not sure how I missed it also comes in purple, might have to get that one too.5
Great Duvet CoverTangoBravoWe always purchase our duvet covers at IKEA. It is such a durable product at an amazing price you cannot go wrong.5
ConfortableCoycoNice and good looking as i expected5
Buttons don’t stay closwdGianluca IaniriI bought this a month ago I’ll snap the buttons in and they don’t stay they just come un done.1
Ok..shawbeckQuality is great, sizing seems off. Replaced an old duvet cover for my son's double Ikea duvet which fit perfectly, but this one seems to be more like a Queen. Son got rid of packaging, cannot return.3
LOVE THE COLORSjannygirlI bought this last week and I absolutely love the look5
Schmitt nadineGood looking product but once washed and dried it has To be ironed absolument. Who irons in 2019? Very cheap material.2
scratchymab19Never used the pillow cases cause it's so rough. I've washed it a bunch and it's still super scratchy. And the hair that gets stuck to it is absurd. It's like velcro. Absolutely awful.1
great qualityzelbagI always buying sheets in Ikea because is great quality and good prices5
Cat hair magnetDaltonHad for a few months now. Looking at buy a different fabric because this one catches all cat hair and dust. Doesn't wash well, had to vacuum to get the cat hair off3
Very nice colourCandleeeeeeeeLove this cover..perfect colour fit for my bedroom5
D CurtazSuper comfy. Looks great!5
1DRZWorks great. The color is good no problems fits well5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Cotton that’s better for everyone

Cotton is loved by everyone since it is a durable and soft natural material that breathes. To care for both the environment and people, we only use cotton from more sustainable sources, which means that less water, fertilizers and pesticides are needed, while growers see higher profits. But we don’t stop there. We are constantly developing new methods to make the world we leave for our children even better.

BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, Twin

The surprising success of BRUNKRISSLA

Over the last 15 years, more than 20 million people have been tucked in under a BRUNKRISSLA duvet cover at bedtime. It’s a reality the developers and designers of the popular product never imagined in their wildest dreams. We thought we were creating a short-lived pop of color for the bedroom that would last a season or two before people wanted something else. We were very, very wrong.

In her 40 years working at IKEA, Ann-Sophie Karlsson has never seen anything as surprising as BRUNKRISSLA. Her job is to make sure products get to the customer and store shelves stay stocked. She was part of the team that brought BRUNKRISSLA to stores back in 2001. At the time, we thought it would be a fun and fashionable decor addition. We were confident people would like it, but had no idea how much. “Our customers just fell in love with this duvet cover immediately,” says Ann-Sophie. The factory making BRUNKRISSLA created 300,000 duvet covers to start. It wasn’t nearly enough. The next year they made double... and it still wasn’t enough to keep pace with how quickly people were picking up BRUNKRISSLA from store shelves. By 2003, more factories and more workers were hired to keep up, creating five times as many duvet covers as before. That year, 1.6 million BRUNKRISSLA duvet covers were made and sold. Since then, every year more than a million customers take BRUNKRISSLA home to snuggle up in.

What customers want

In a world where fashion trends change almost as quickly as the weather, BRUNKRISSLA is a rarity. “It’s still there because it’s so popular,” says Ann-Sophie. “A lot of customers like BRUNKRISSLA. We have met customers out in the store who say ‘I’m here to buy BRUNKRISSLA for the second time or for the third time’.” That’s why all our customers are the ones to thank for BRUNKRISSLA’s long run. And you can all rest easy in your BRUNKRISSLA covered beds at night, because no matter the latest fad, we always strive to ensure you can get the products you love.

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