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BJURSTA Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, brown-black,

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Becomes a practical shelf for small things when folded down.

Article Number802.175.24

Product details

You save space when the table is not being used as it can be folded away.

The clear-lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean.

Combines with other furniture in the BJURSTA series.


IKEA of Sweden


Width: 90 cm (35 3/8 ")

Depth: 50 cm (19 5/8 ")

Min. depth: 10 cm (3 7/8 ")

Ratings and reviews

Please offer this in other coloursLeilaand perhaps an oval shape for tight spaces.5
Small room great fitMichelineHave a small room but need that extra space for occasions this is perfect. Looks great too.5
Does the bare minimumJonnyIt's good for the price, but not a great overall product. the brackets that support the stationary portion to the wall are not very rigid, and they flex when the table is in the folded down position which leaves the part attched to the wall at an angle. The screws for the brackets are about 10 inches apart so they don't align with studs at all, which means you need some heavy duty hollow wall anchors to hold the table securely to the wall. A better bracket system to attach to a wall would make this an infinitely better product. It does what I needed it to though, so for the price it's functional.4
bjurstaWendyI purchased one in 2013 which was excellent. The recent one I bought is a bit flimsy, the screw almost came out from the wood, made a little dent!3
hoped that they had itCaterinahoped that they had it in white as well4
Makes for a convenient workspace!MaryMakes for a convenient workspace!5
Very pleased with the buy.LesVery pleased with the buy. Ensure you find the wooden frame in the wall, the table is heavy.5
BjurstaJuliePerfect for our tiny home!5
Could be widerSallyI use this as a desk - and it is wonderful as I can set it up and put it down easily. The only thing that would be better is if it was 1-2 inches wider - out from the wall - as either a table or a desk it would be more functional5
I would have preferred whiteMartineI would have preferred white4
Great desk for small spaceTaunjiaThe cost was great and it is perfect for my child's room to allow the space to work. Quickly folds down to reclaim the area for the small bedroom area.4
BeautifulJulieThis is a great leaf table, I love that there's a little ledge when it's tucked away and you can still put things on it as decor when it's closed. Very practical.5
BrilliantWahIt’s a great design and sturdy.5
Screws for wall-mount not included!Verified BuyerGreat quality for the price. Sturdy and quite spacious for a work table. Please take note that the item does not include wall-mount screws. You have to get it yourself depending on the wall you're mounting it on. Installed mine on drywall using 6 pcs. of 3/16 Toggle Bolts (Toggler brand) I got from Home Depot.4
Better off getting a regular tableMariaI'm taking advantage of the lockdown and purchasing Ikea items to improve my home and I've loved everything except for this one, unfortunately. I really wanted this to work out but my dry wall in my apartment just does not want to hold it up securely. The first issue I had was the fact that not everything was included -- i.e. the nails needed to mount it to the wall, nor are there any instructions about how to actually secure it onto a wall (not everyone has a handy-man around their place hence why i love ikea products because theyre usually super easy to assemble). So i had to improvise and knew that i needed an anchor, as a regular nail definitely won't hold it up. Once I successfully screwed my nails in, the table is just too heavy for my wall i guess to hold up. I eventually got it to be straight and upright (after many holes made in my wall) BUT it is definitely not secure. I improvised further and found legs to hold the table up... so ESSENTIALLY, i turned this drop-table into a regular table I should have just initially bought to have saved myself the time and trouble. This is a really nice concept, but if you live in an apartment with drywall, I wouldn't bother.2
Perfect for small places.Verified BuyerWe bought it for extra table top room when needed, and put it in our living room wall; as we have a small place. Love it.5
Perfect space saverMichelleFits perfect in a small bedroom.5
wall mounted drop leaf table.Verified BuyerI have had this for several months now and like it very much. It fits my space well and I like that it can fold down when I want the space.4
Difficult to mountVerified BuyerWe mounted this table 2 days ago after deep considerations and study of the mounting instructions. Table will be very secure if mounted on a solid concrete wall but in Canada, we mostly have dry wall that is hollow. We used a stud finder to locate all the studs behind the wall hoping to secure the mounting on at least 2 studs. As with standard practice, we found studs roughly 16-17 inches apart behind our wall, but to our disappointment, the holes on the metal mounting brackets were not spaced accordingly for us to use the studs. We can only mount the table on 1 stud. We secured the others with butterfly hooks. After mounting, we wished the table has support on the left and right instead of centre. I looked through the documentation of this table and there is mention of the maximum weight this table can withstand. We have little faith in the hinges that flip the table up and down because the wood around those hinges are not of better quality. A better wood quality should be used. We plan to use this as a study desk. Looks like it can hold a laptop easily but I am not sure about a monitor screen. I am also wary about flipping the table up and down daily. I regret mounting the table instead of using a conventional study table. I have not used it yet, since it’s newly installed but I am already not pleased with the design. The price is great for the quality but I think we should pay more for better quality, reliability and confidence. We expect this to be a 1 time use, that is, if the table comes apart, we won’t be reusing it. I have been using IKEA furniture since the mid 1990s, I had always written very good reviews, this is the first time I gave a 3 star rating and I am sad. On the bright side, the table saves space, it’s elegant and who knows.....time may proof me wrong and the table might last for years!3
Missing key partVerified BuyerUnfortunately a key component was missing. A pin that is part of the support which allows it to swivel was missing. Luckily I was able to devise a solution out of a 1/4 inch threaded rod about 24 inches long and had to cut it to size.2

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What is veneer?

A veneer is a thin wooden sheet fixed on things like particleboards to add a durable surface and a natural wood look – so we enjoy the many benefits of wood without using solid wood. The most common veneer types are birch, ash, oak and beech and we’ve made a special UV lacquer that helps preserve the wood's natural structure. A benefit with a slightly thicker veneer is how you can repair and sand the surface if it’s damaged to give furniture a longer and more beautiful life.