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KARISMATISK limited collection

Your home is an expression of who you are, filled with things that make you happy. Few understand the joy of self-expression better than British fashion icon Zandra Rhodes. So, we’ve teamed up with her on KARISMATISK, a limited collection that’s all about showing your personality in your space! Boasting Zandra’s playful prints and cheerful colour palette, these home accessories say, ‘here I am’!

    • ♪ [futuristic dance music begins] ♪

      Text on screen – KARISMATISK. IKEA & Zandra Rhodes.

      A room with bubblegum pink walls, floor, and ceiling, comes into view, decorated with brightly coloured furniture, modern art on the walls, and a boldly patterned rug.

      A woman in silver stilettos glides across the room, holding ruffled pink carrier bags. She approaches three floral hangings on the wall. She traces swirling shapes on a mirror, and kisses her own reflection.

      Purple pedestals, supporting pink carrier bags filled with fuchsia flowers, move across the room. Royal blue pedestals with blue flowers in smaller pink bags appear, and begin rotating in the room.

      The woman sits on the floor, in the middle of her outspread, pleated golden skirt, holding a bunch of roughly cut white flowers. She places the flowers into a pink plastic vase on top of a blue pedestal.

      Another woman joins the first one, and they lounge among pink ruffled satin cushions. The first woman tosses a cushion to the second.

      The first woman lounges on a bed with satin covers and a half-moon shaped embroidered satin pillow.

      Various plain and embroidered cushions fall on to the bed.

      The woman glides across the floor, swinging pink ruffled carrier bags. She dances beneath a shiny pendant lamp.

      Various images of items from the KARISMATISK collection flash across the screen, and the woman swings her pink bags full of flowers.

      She twirls around the room in her wide, golden pleated skirt, looking at herself in the mirror again.

      Close up of the texture of a pink and blue crescent shaped cushion, followed by a sweep across a small, bright rug shaped like a rose.

      The two women lounge, then we cut to a scene where the furniture glides across the room.

      A white IKEA logo flips sideways, becoming the blue and yellow logo as it flips.

      Logo on screen – IKEA.

    A set of two pink KARISMATISK vases are paired to make a ‘Z’ shape; the vases are against blue satin and hold flowers.
    The name KARISMATISK is absolutely perfect for this collection, which I think is [about] character and dynamism.

    Zandra Rhodes

    Be yourself and others will follow your lead

    “Do not worry what others think of you,” is one of Zandra Rhodes’ favourite mottos. A revolutionary force in the worlds of fashion and textiles for over five decades, Zandra champions individuality in all its forms. The KARISMATISK limited collection is a call to channel her confidence and charm into your home and express your personality through vibrant colours, prints and interesting objects.

    Zandra Rhodes and IKEA in-house designer Paulin Machado look at colourful textiles on a table.
    I think it will be great fun to live with all of these things – they will heighten your living experience.

    Zandra Rhodes

    There’s no such thing as too much colour or pattern

    Bright colours and patterns bring the KARISMATISK products to life! Flowers, squiggles and stars are classic Zandra motifs and can be found on KARISMATISK rugs and cushions. Meanwhile, KARISMATISK storage boxes in eye-catching pink, blue and gold will make staying organized more fun!

    Home accessories that can be both functional and fabulous

    As much as this limited collection is fabulous, it’s functional too. These pieces are designed to be used as well as admired. Zandra gives the famous IKEA FRAKTA bag a makeover. She swaps blue for flamboyant pink and frills. “It’s multifunctional and brilliant!”, says Zandra.

    Dressing the home

    The KARISMATISK limited collection celebrates Zandra’s career as a fashion and textile designer with fantastic prints. What’s more, the collection includes pre-cut fabric with a kaftan template for an easy home sewing project. “It really is foolproof and fun to assemble for everyone!” says Zandra.