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The HÖSTPROMENAD Collection on display featuring autumn themed decoration and textiles.

Embrace the autumn season with the the HÖSTPROMENAD Collection. Inspired by the colours and patterns of autumn, this collection celebrates it's activities as well - from dining and baking to decorating and hibernating this collection will bring the warmth of the season to your home.

If you don't have pumpkin shaped decorations, is it really fall? We think not. These adorable and functional HÖSTPROMENAD serving bowls are the perfect vessel for your favourite warming soups and stews.

Baking pies in the fall is just as essential as apple picking in our opinion. Make it look easy (and stylish) with the HÖSTPROMENAD pie dish. While you are at it, you might as well set your table to match the autumnal vibe.

Sure, the days may be getting shorter and the darkness longer, but fear not. Make these long nights cozy and enjoyable with the right lighting and decor. HÖSTPROMENAD tea light holders and string lights reflect the season while lighting your space.