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The WiFi speaker that looks like music and sounds like art

Embrace rich colours and warm textures

Autumn coziness is (almost) upon us. Our new products feature warm neutrals, rich dramatic jewel tones, soft textures, and natural materials.

See more about these new products
See more about these new products

Homes at IKEA

Get inspired by living spaces in all styles and sizes, and the stories of the people who call them home.

Explore Homes at IKEA
Explore Homes at IKEA
A gallery of new design ideas featuring new arrivals in the IKEA product range.

New arrivals to give your home a boost

Find out more about many new products and how you can use them to make your home even better.

See the full gallery of new design ideas

Make room for autumn interiors

Combat darker cooler days using warm neutrals at home. Explore our newest product range that will help create an intimate cozy vibe during colder months.

Get inspired with tips, tricks, and decorating ideas for every room in your home

A  dark green soap dispenser and toothbrush holder placed in an elevated decorative sandbox.

The digital spa that can give you a boost

The pace of modern life can easily sap your energy. Step into the IKEA digital spa to boost your sense of calmness, creativity, focus, control and satisfaction.

Experience the digital spa