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No stress holiday dinner – go potluck!

Here is our best recipe for an easy to put together dinner, potluck style. Hosting a holiday party can be a test for your nerves, but with some smart planning and a little help from your friends it can be almost stress-free.
Holiday dinner arranged with many plates and glasses on the table, decorated with grey tablecloth.
Minimize stress by starting to plan your holiday party early and sharing the to-do list. Send out invitations with ‘tasks’. Our host went for deco and got help with the refreshments simply by asking guests to bring a couple of their favourite tapas and drinks. This leaves the host plenty of time to prepare the theme. It doesn’t matter if everyone brings the same thing, the point is to spend time together rather than striving for perfection.
Colourful cards in different patterns on a desk.
As the food will be a surprise we went for a modern, light setting that will work with everything. Go for simple deco. Thread a bauble round a napkin for a stylish yet festive place setting. Cover a dried branch with eucalyptus and decorate it with LED string lights for an inviting, cozy atmosphere. Make a feature window by stacking different star lamp shades one on top of the other. Easy-peasy!
Close up of dining table with white flowers in vases, and place settings with napkins, plates and glasses.
As guests drop in, prepare the buffet table together then let people mingle. Just put out some tableware and empty bowls for those who brought their dishes in containers or disposables (because hand on heart, how fun is it to have plastic tubs all over your beautiful table?). Then relax, breathe in all the good smells and enjoy eating and drinking your friends’ favourites.
Display of different food prepared for holiday dinner potluck.
Create a ‘serving station’ for all the drinks your guests brought. Use a table or a cabinet you have at home. We went for a big ‘bar cabinet’ with glass doors (this one is called FABRIKÖR). Then everyone can easily serve themselves during the evening and the host doesn’t have to run around filling glasses.
Gray cabinet with glassware and serveware inside.
Scene of people serving food at a potluck holiday dinner.
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Made by
Interior designer: Anna Cardell
Photographer: Mats Ekdahl
Writer: Anna Blom