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Click and collect

With IKEA Click and collect, you’re in control. Place an order online when it’s convenient and choose when and where to collect it. You’ll still make a trip, but we’ll gather your items so that you have more time and energy for assembling instead.

An IKEA co-worker wheeling out a customer's Click and collect order.

Contactless Click and collect service is available at select Pick-up locations nationwide. Starting at $5, you can place an order online and collect it from your local IKEA store, Pick-up locker* or an external Pick-up location.

*Pick-up lockers are only available at select stores. Click here for details.

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Click and collect options and pricing

You can collect your order at an IKEA store or a local Pick-up location. Pricing details, approximate lead time, maximum package specifications, Pick-up locations, etc. are specified below.

* We are temporarily unable to offer collection at Pick-up locations in the Maritime provinces. We apologize for any inconvenience. You can still collect your order from the IKEA store.

Collect at an IKEA store, $5

  • $5 per order.
  • Approximate lead time: Two hours to two days after placing order.
  • Maximum package size: No limit.
  • Maximum package weight: No limit

Use a Pick-up location*

  • Enjoy flat-rate shipping with a new way to shop IKEA. Collect your next online order at convenient partner locations we call “Pick-up locations” and ship items big and small, all for one affordable price.

How Click and collect works 

Step 1: Choose ‘Click and collect’ at checkout and you will be able to select an IKEA Store, Pick-up locker* or a nearby Pick-up location, operated by a third-party partner.

Step 2: Wait until you receive the “Ready for pickup” email before heading to the store or the Pick-up location.

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the email and proceed to your selected store or Pick-up location. While collection will be contactless, pick-up processes may vary from location to location. Further direction will be communicated upon arrival.

Good-to-know basics 

  • Due to high demand, time slots may be limited. Available times are listed during online check-out.
  • If you can’t place an order at your desired IKEA store, try another location, remove an out-of-stock item from your cart or order later when stock is replenished.
  • Consider package dimensions and weights, so your order will fit in your vehicle. This information is on each product’s webpage.
  • Decide in advance who will collect your order. You can list an alternate collector while placing your order.
  • Want an order update? If you have an order confirmation number, you can track your order.
  • Want to order from our Swedish Food Market? It’s free, but you must order separately via our IKEA Food Click and collect tool.
  • Shopping for your business? Check out IKEA for Business. We’ll do more work for you so that you can spend more time on your customers.

Your health is important to us. Together again, safely.

The safety of our co-workers, partners and customers is our top priority. Therefore, we are adopting the necessary preventive measures to reduce risks of exposure and contagion within our store. Read more about our precautions and how you can do your part.

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Frequently asked questions

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