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These remote controlled lights can be placed in any light fixture
Smart lighting
for a brighter everyday
Lighting plays an important role in our well-being. How do we know? We’ve spent a lot of time researching light and how we can make the most of it at home. That’s why we developed a smart wireless lighting system that’s ready to go, right out of the box. Turn on/off, dim, adjust colour temperature and more from anywhere in your home – without rewiring. Now, making your everyday a little brighter is as easy as changing a light bulb.
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A light for every mood
IKEA Smart lighting makes it easy to set the right mood in your home. Choose a light for early mornings, another for late evenings and a third for cooking or working. Switch the hue from cool to warm light, dim or brighten to create a range of moods using TRÅDFRI remote control or App.
Warm light in an orange hue is great for entertaining
Warm, dimmed light creates a calming atmosphere which encourages socialising and relaxation.
Bright, white light makes it easier for your eyes to focus on details, which is great for activities like cooking or reading.
Smart LED bulbs are great for brightening up a kitchen
WiFi or remote control wireless lightingDimmer kits availableHues are adjustable for colour temperatureTRÅDFRI smart LED light bulbs are long lastinggrey linegrey line
Wireless lighting
Dim & brighten
Change hues with
colour temperatures
TRÅDFRI LED light bulbs
last for 25 000 hours
Setting up TRÅDFRI wireless lighting is easy with many steering options
Quick & easy set-up
Incorporating smart lighting in your home is easier than you think. The kits are ready right out-of-the-box, with light sources and steering devices pre-paired. All you need to do is install the smart bulbs and you’re done.
plusRemote light switch for controlling smart lightsarrow
TRÅDFRI smart motion sensor lighting kit TRÅDFRI dimmer kitRemote light switch for controlling smart lightsTRÅDFRI gateway for WiFi controlled smart lights
Motion sensor
– Activated by motion
Dimming set
– Dim your lights
Remote control
– Dim & adjust colour temperature
Trådfri App & Gateway
– Dim & adjust colour temperature
– Create pre-set moods & timers
– Control everything over WiFi from your mobile or tablet
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Need help choosing a steering device?
Motion sensor
Choose the right steering device
IKEA Smart lighting has a range of steering devices designed to remotely control TRÅDFRI bulbs, JORMLIEN and SURTE doors, and FLOALT light panels. Each steering device has its own features. Find the one that best works for you in the chart below.
TRÅDFRI motion sensorTRÅDFRI dimmerTRÅDFRI remote controlTRÅDFRI app
Remote control
Turn on/off lights
Pairing device
Dim function
Adjust colour temperature
Set timers
Group lights
Create light moods
Yes, there’s an app
Set timers, dim and brighten, create pre-set lighting moods, adjust colour temperature – you can even control individual lights – all with the free TRÅDFRI App. To use the TRÅDFRI App with IKEA Smart lighting, you’ll need the TRÅDFRI Gateway and a remote control light switch. Just connect the TRÅDFRI Gateway to your home WiFi, and follow the quick set-up guide in the TRÅDFRI App.
Download the TRÅDFRI App for iOSDownload the TRÅDFRI App for Android
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Change the hue of your smart lights with the mobile appDimming can be done with the app, or through remote controlWith the TRÅDFRI app you can set timers for any time of day
Dim & adjust colour
Use your mobile device to adjust colour temperature and brightness from anywhere in your home. Up to 7 devices work with a single bulb, so no one in the family will be left in the dark.
Get the right mood
Create a range of pre-set moods for all your activities. From weeknight cooking to weekend movie marathons, create a pre-set lighting mood for each activity.
Set timers
Set a ‘Rise and shine’ timer and wake up gently to softly brightening light. Or, come home to a warm relaxing glow – without ever having to flick a switch.
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Same space, different activities
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Light for reading. And for dancing.
The TRÅDFRI dimming kit white spectrum changes the hue of the room and atmosphere from reading light to dancing light and back again with a simple click on the remote control light switch.
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Compatible with ZigBee
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