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How can we help you?
At IKEA we believe everyone has the right to a new kitchen. So apart from offering a wide range of kitchens we also offer a wide range of services at every step of your kitchen renovation. Whether you're looking to save on services, or are looking for a complete solution, you can choose the package that best suits your needs.

Our service range includes everything from kitchen design and planning, to basic installation, to total project management.

See all kitchen services
We offer services from planning to full kitchen installation.Divider
IKEA kitchen services
Plan your kitchen renovation with a professional kitchen planner.
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Services that suit your needs
Our kitchen planners and installation teams are experts in bringing your kitchen dreams to reality. They will ensure you get all the help you need. We can provide a complete menu of services from our professional independent service providers to help in measuring and planning to completion at all steps of your renovation:

  •  - Kitchen measurement
  •  - Kitchen design and planning
  •  - Purchasing your kitchen
  •  - Delivery
  •  - Basic kitchen installation
  •  - Additional specialized installation
  •  - Total project management

Whether you are looking for a hands-on or hands-off approach, drop by at one of our locations or book an appointment online to meet with one of our kitchen planners in store. Bring your measurements with you to help get started.

Measuring service
Have a professional take all the measurements you need at your home for the perfect kitchen set up.
In home planning service
Our Kitchen Experts can help you create your dream kitchen based on your needs, taste, and budget.
In store kitchen planning service
In store planning service
See a kitchen expert in store for a one-on-one session to review your kitchen plan and answer any questions.
IKEA Kitchen installation
All basic installation services will be priced and coordinated for you by your IKEA service provider.
4 steps to a new kitchen
4 Steps to a new kitchen
Do it yourself
This 4-step guide to buying a kitchen is here to help you get the kitchen of your dreams. From measuring and planning, to ordering and installation, it is with you at every step of your kitchen-buying journey.
Step 1: Measure
Take the first step towards your dream kitchen! Learn how to measure your existing space so you can make your own kitchen plan.
Step 2: Dream & Plan
Dream & Plan
Learn how to make the most of your existing space so your new kitchen lives up to your dreams.
Step 3: Order
Once you've measured and planned for your new kitchen design you're nearly there! Learn about how to order in-store or online.
Step 4: Install
The IKEA SEKTION kitchen system is designed for easy installation. Learn how to install your new kitchen, as well as how we can help.
Kitchen service bkgdKitchen Measurement Service
Start with your Kitchen's measurement
Measuring your kitchen isn't hard to do, but it's important you get it right because your measurements will be the basis for all your planning. Watch the video to learn about what you will need to be mindful of when measuring.
To do: Measuring
1. To get an accurate, easy to use kitchen plan that works with the IKEA Home planner, make sure you measure in inches.

2. Remember to mark on your plan the location of electrical sockets, water connections and anything that sticks out, like radiators, pipes and ventilation ducts.

3. Use our Four step to a new kitchen - planning guide (PDF) for full written details about how to measure your kitchen.

Step 1: Measure
Measuring help
If you’re not the handy type, don’t worry. Our measuring service can do the job for you.
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Plan your dream kitchen
Watch the video to learn how to make the most of your existing space so your new kitchen lives up to your dreams. Discover the pros and cons of common kitchen layouts and some kitchen design errors to avoid.
To do: Planning
1. Enter your kitchen measurements into the IKEA Home planner tool and start planning your kitchen.

2. Remember to save your plan and set up an account with a unique username and password. This will make the ordering process even easier.

3. Use our Four steps to a new kitchen - planning guide (PDF) for full written details about how to plan your kitchen.

4. You can do it yourself but you don’t have to. Come in to one of ourlocations where one of our kitchen experts can provide their extensive IKEA kitchen planning knowledge and expertise.
Kitchen services bkgd Kitchen planning tool
Kitchen Planning Tool
Use the IKEA Home Planner with your measurements to design, experiment and create your kitchen in 3D.
Kitchen services bkgdPlan your dream kitchen: Step 2Book a kitchen planner
Our brochures & buying guides
Buying guides provide product information about our kitchen range. We also have a guide for planning your new kitchen, as well as a guide on kitchen installation.
In store Kitchen service
In Store kitchen planning
Drop-in to an IKEA location and we can assist you with your kitchen plans using our Kitchen planner stations.
Step 2
Shop from the comfort of your home
While planning your kitchen for online purchase, please use our interactive checklist to make sure you have the right amount of legs, toe kicks, suspension rails, etc. You can also download our Kitchen Checklist (PDF).

Do you still have questions? Contact us here.
Order online
1. Once you are ready with your kitchen design created with the IKEA home planner you can then contact us to begin the process. A kitchen expert will review and ensure you have everything you need. Learn more about our delivery options.
Step 3: Order
Order your Kitchen in-store or online
You’re nearly there! Your dream kitchen will soon be a reality. Watch the video to learn about your ordering options.
To do: Ordering
At an IKEA location (Please have you username & password on hand)
1. If you're ordering in-store you'll need a print-out of you kitchen plan or have your username and password to access your plan on the IKEA Home planner.

2. Before picking your order in-store our kitchen experts will go through your kitchen design to make sure everything is OK.

3. Be sure to refer to our kitchen checklist. Make sure you have everything you need before buying your dream kitchen.

4. Once you have placed your order you have many ways to receive your purchase. If you can't get your kitchen home yourself, that's not a problem, we offer delivery options including home delivery, to a Pick-up and order point or Collection Point.
IKEA kitchen services bkgdIKEA Delivery icon
Require Delivery
View our options for delivery to your home, Pick-up and order point or Collection Point.
Tip: To ensure smooth delivery and installation make sure to keep a copy of your itemized list.
1. Remember to follow the printed assembly instructions of each product before installation.

2. Organizing your order based on your shopping list ensures you have everything you need laid out. Time to start installing your products in the correct order.

3. Always employ a professional to undertake any electrical, plumbing or ventilation work that you are unsure of.

4. Download our Kitchen installation guide (PDF) for full written details about how to install your kitchen
IKEA kitchen services bkgdStep 4: Install
Installing your new kitchen
The final step! Soon you can start living in your new kitchen. Watch the video to find out how to install your new kitchen.
To do: Installing
Installation services icon
Help with installation
Need help or simply want to save time on your kitchen renovation? We can recommend a professional installer to do it for you.