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Outdoor furniture

Spend more time outdoors

Discover our wide range of patio & outdoor furniture – we have everything from smaller, lightweight aluminum furniture for the balcony, to a variety of sizes and materials, like rattan and solid wood furniture, for your spacious patio. Find the ones that suit your style and space and enjoy outdoor living!

With the right outdoor furniture, you can bring the uniqueness of your home to your outside space as well, whether that be a backyard or a small balcony.

Bring the comforts of your living room outside with a sun lounger or outdoor sofa while giving yourself plenty of fresh air. On lazy Sunday mornings, getting out of bed is a whole lot easier if you are going outside and getting into a hammock. How about an evening snack against the backdrop of a sunset? A patio table set turns the great outdoors into your personal dining room.

Discover our wide selection of patio furniture, and make the most out of your balcony, patio or garden.

Outdoor furniture in different materials

Different materials make for better furniture depending on their intended use. Here is a quick guide to different outdoor furniture materials.

Rattan outdoor furniture

Rattan is a thin type of cane that grows around larger trees in the damp jungles of Africa, Malaysia and the Philippines. When cut into thin strips, the material can be intertwined into many different patterns, and the stronger inner core can be worked into wicker. With this technique, the material has been used to make woven rattan furniture for centuries.
Rattan is also very durable and has a long lifespan. It can be treated with stains or paints, meaning it’s available in a wide range of colours and styles. Choose a style you like in our selection, or pick a neutral colour to paint, stain or treat yourself. This way, you can make sure your rattan outdoor furniture fits your garden, balcony or patio.

Wooden patio furniture

The type of wood used for your outdoor furniture obviously affects its characteristics. For instance, eucalyptus and acacia are often used for outdoor furniture, since they are durable and can withstand the strains of weather very well.

To make our wood furniture even more durable, they are often pre-treated with several layers of semi-transparent wood stain. This helps prolong their life.

Make sure to take good care of your wooden outdoor furniture by treating it with VÅRDA wood stain after each season (sold separately, find it among our product care). By re-staining the furniture you’ll keep it looking like new for years to come.

Synthetic plastic, glass and metal patio furniture

Synthetic materials like plastic, metal and glass might not give you the natural look that rattan or wood can offer but they have other advantages. You can get this type of furniture in almost any colour you like, from discrete and elegant grey to conspicuous red. Also, most synthetic materials won’t need any aftercare – just make sure to keep them clean enough to not get infected by mould.

Take care of your outdoor furniture

Remember that even though our patio furniture is made for outdoor use, it’s not indestructible.

All types of furniture can attract mould or mildew if they aren’t cleaned regularly. During winter months it’s recommended that you store your furniture somewhere dry and indoors, like a garage or a shed. If you don’t have a great place to store them inside, you can put our sealed outdoor furniture covers over them instead. This is especially important if you have wooden or rattan furniture.

Remember that the colours and surfaces of your furniture can fade in the sun. So, make sure to plan your outdoor space wisely, to get the most out of your furniture without exposing it to unnecessary strain.